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Hola, Hope you are all well.

I have to admit that I’ve been gripped by all the election coverage. Starting with the fact that some people were unable to vote as they weren’t going to be able to mark their cards before the 10pm cut off point. Did this happen to anyone reading this? At some polling stations some people couldn’t vote because there wasn’t enough ballot papers. I’m no expert on these matters but shouldn’t they work out how many people are eligible to vote at that polling station and allocate one slip per person? Let’s face it, if this chaos had occurred in some far-flung country, we would have raised our eyes and tutted, in a slightly condescending manner.

Something else I couldn’t understand is why some results were known within an hour, the ones in Sunderland for example, yet when I woke the next morning some results still hadn’t come in. Were some councils using pre-school children to count the votes, in some kind of flawed cost cutting move?
The best story to come out of the election was the fact a 14-year-old boy got to vote,despite turning up in his school uniform. (see here). The only reason he was caught out was because a teacher at his school heard him boasting to his friends. I’d like to think all 14yr old school children are all really politically minded and it’s only the media that pretend they’re all into gaming and getting high on plant fertiliser, when in fact playground discussions centre around electoral reform and quantitive easing.

In other news that isn’t the election, I was hosting the launch of the Writing on the Wall Festival, in Liverpool on Sat night. Little did I know the trains between the two cities were so poor. The last train back was 11:38pm, can you believe it? It’s almost as if they don’t want the two cities to interact. My last duty of the night was to introduce the band, they were set up and ready to go at 11:20, I went on, chatted a bit and got off stage at 11:25, grabbed my coat and bag, which was weighed down by the books I didn’t sell at the gig (all of them), say my goodbyes and hot foot it to the station. It was like some kind of low budget action film. You’ll be pleased to know I made the train with 5mins to spare, albeit a little sweaty and confronted with a jam-packed train. You see this world of showbiz that I live isn’t all glamour glamour glamour.

And Finally… I was reading how England and Aston Villa forward Emile Heskey can improve a man’s bedroom prowess. To find out more, check my football blog, (scroll down to the last paragraph).

                                                  Til next week, stay safe!
(original post 10/5/10)

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