Butt out MC Hammer

peter buckley hill (pbh)

Hola. I’m back from Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Festival. I was only there four nights, but even that took it out of me. That’s the Edinburgh Festival for you. (and getting older)

Now it’s over I can be honest with you. I went there not having a clue how it was going to go. We had a title, ‘Argos Catalogue of Disaters’, a sketchy premise that the show would be about failure and we had a venue courtesy of PBH (see pic above) and his Free Fringe. We were parachuting ourselves into the madness that is the Edinburgh festival, we were only doing 4 shows so had no real opportunity to build momentum, we also had no flyers and we were not in the main festival guide. Out of the three people performing the show 2 had never met before, Steve Rooney and myself, the third Marvin Cheeseman knew both of us.
Steve could only make the middle two dates. So there was great potential for this show to be a disaster, which in many ways would unintentionally fit in with the general theme of the show.

with this is mind, things didn’t get off to a good start, when on the first day, I got a call off Marvin at about 5pm saying he was stuck in Preston, in the worst traffic jam he’s ever been in and that he hadn’t moved for a couple of hours and so he has missed his train and therefore he’s not going to make it for the first show. Apparently the traffic jam was caused by a man threatening to jump off a motorway bridge. So that left one,me, to fill the hour. Sh*t!

Normally, I would have cacked myself but for some reason I was quite calm about this. It probably helped that ‘Her with one permanent job’ and my mate Tom were there to offer support. The show itself was ok, although I did end up doing a lot of chatting to the audience, which turned out to be a good source of humour. Although it did back fire slightly, when after asking one girl from Lithuania a couple of questions she replied by saying, “I’ve not come here to participate in the show”. That was me told.

The second gig was an unmitigated…. success, firstly we had a full complement of performers, and secondly the room was packed. When I say packed, I’m not exaggerating, people were sat on the stairway and some people were even turned away. We also had a woman in the audience with a remarkable laugh, which always adds to any comedy event. When you have these ingredients it’s hard to not to have a good gig and thankfully a good gig is what we had. Even before we’d done the final two shows, I knew this gig would be the highlight of the four.

After the gig we went for a few drinks, one place we went to was an outdoor venue, which outside the festival is just rubble but during the festival is a popular hangout. That’s the Edinburgh Festival for you. We ended the evening at a gay club as you do. After we left and whilst waiting outside the club ‘HWOPJ’s sister was having a ‘discussion’ with a man. So I went over to intervene (only after ‘HWOPJ’ told me to intervene) but before I could say anything, he said, “Butt out MC Hammer”! MC Hammer??? Who references MC Hammer in 2010. Luckily for him I wasn’t up for arguing and being a Sat night ‘HWOPJ’ didn’t have a copy of The Observer handy. (see here)
The third gig was quiet but pleasant and the fourth was just under a full house, which made it a good gig to end on. After a shaky start it turned out to be a successful festival for us. Marvin was even making noises about doing a week next year, I should have recovered by then.

                                                                               Til next time, stay safe!
(original post 24/8/10)

One thought on “Butt out MC Hammer

  1. Simon
    Thu, 26 Aug 2010 01:59:10
    Hey Julian. Good to hear that Edinburgh went well (even at the cost of a delay to my weekly JD fix!) – and also good to see that you subscribe to the same philosophy as myself: “Set your expectations low enough and you won’t be disappointed”.

    Take care,

    Thu, 26 Aug 2010 04:09:59
    Hi Simon

    Cheers for the kind words. Edinburgh was fun. I apologise for the delay of your weekly fix, haha.

    I agree with your philosophy, people have way too high expectations of life only to be disappointed. Let’s continue to keep the bar at a reasonable height.

    Take Care


    Marvin Cheeseman
    Thu, 26 Aug 2010 07:03:04
    This is a great summary – cheers Julian.
    MC Hammer???? WTF!
    Forgot to mention that I bumped into PBH, or possibly forgot that I did in fact mention to you that I bumped into PBH – anyway, he seemed very upbeat, effusive and relaxed. Can’t help but think we all owe him big time – everyone who’s been under the PBH umbrella.
    But anyway cheers again for this write-up – it’s a great souvenir, Marv

    Fri, 27 Aug 2010 03:22:24
    Cheers for that Marvin. I imagine PBH is constantly upbeat. I do think putting on his own Free Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival and the work that goes into this, is remarkable. I think he should get an MBE or OBE, I never know which is better.


    Tue, 31 Aug 2010 09:16:56
    Surely PBH should get a PBE?

    Great gigs up in Edinburgh. The Friday night show was truly blistering! Keep up the good work!


    Wed, 01 Sep 2010 04:49:13
    Hi Tom,

    Cheers for the kind words. Was good catching up with you and thanks for allowing me to be part of your show (normal service will be resumed shortly)

    I think PBH would like a PBE, as it’s a little different to the norm.


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