Happy Monday?

Brick Lane

Hola. Hope you are well.

You should be, as it is ‘Happy Monday’ the happiest day of the year (so far). Eagle eyed readers may have noticed that merely 2 Mondays ago, I wrote about ‘Blue Monday’ which was the most depressing day of the year (so far). It’s almost as if the people behind this are making it up. I’m not sure what has happened in the last 2 weeks that has made us go from being depressed to being happy. If you have any suggestions feel free to share it with the class. Cheers.

On last weeks post I put up a poll about Keira Knightley. Cheers to everyone who voted. The poll will remain up for the forseeable future, so if you haven’t voted yet feel free to get involved. At the time of writing Keira is faring quite well, 47% like her, 13% don’t like her and 40% aren’t arsed.

Naturally I will remove the poll if I become friends with Keira. I know you might think this is far-fetched but as regular readers of this blog know, since moving to London I’ve started playing football with actors, including James McAvoy. And cos we aren’t sexist, we regularly play with at least one female and sometimes 2, so there is a chance she might turn up for football. Please note, I didn’t mention playing with women to make me look good, I mentioned it for no other reason than I want Andy Gray’s £1.7m job on Sky.

Last week, I did a few touristy things, including having a curry on Brick Lane. For those interested, the curry didn’t take me as long as the book, but I also thought it was quite long for a lane. In fact it wasn’t anything like a lane. When I think of a lane, I think of a country lane. This was just a street, it really should be called Brick Street, although that probably doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I also took ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ on the London Eye as a birthday treat, which as she’s not the greatest with heights possibly wasn’t the most of sensitive of gifts, but I think she enjoyed it. It beats the time I took her to a restaurant for her birthday and unintentionally ordered raw meat. As for the eye, it was good, it was like the Manchester Eye, except you could actually see historical buildings as opposed to the Manchester one where you can see scallies getting slightly smaller and smaller.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I saw the film ‘The King’s Speech’ and summed it up by saying it was a film about a Prince with a stutter who became a King with a stutter.  It’s now gone on to receive 12 Oscar nominations and 14 Bafta nominations. As my actor friend Adam pointed out, it’s reviews like this why I didn’t get the Film 2011 gig, missing out to Claudia Winkleman.

Also last week whilst checking through a few websites (clean ones), I saw that one of the learning institutes in London were putting on a series of lectures, one being how you can get your dream job. It was however £30:30 and rightly or wrongly my initial reaction was, for that price I’ll stick to jobs I mildly like doing. It’s probably attitude like this that has made me an unknown comedian.

And Finally… I was watching a repeat of The Graham Norton show and he had the actor Vince Vaughn on and during the conversation Graham flashed up a pick of Vince’s 70-year-old mum. All I will say is she’s looking good for 70 (see some pics here) http://sheavaughn360.com/photos.php . Feel free to send any pics of hot 70 year olds. (That sounds a bit wrong). Obviously I will be keeping this paragraph up until I start playing football with Vince Vaughn.

Til next time, stay safe!  

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