Excuse me ladies

Greenwich planetarium

Hola. Hope you are all well.

On last week’s blog post I mentioned I would be working in a local school for 3 days. Well that 3 days turned into a full week, and I was still in the school today and will be there tomorrow, but that should be my last day there. It’s been an interesting experience. ‘Her with One Permanent Job’ said to me, “it must be good shaping future minds”, the truth is I’m not so much shaping the next generation but more tying their shoe laces, sticking things in their books, telling them to sit down and icing biscuits with them. All the things you would expect from an unknown comedian.

I think my favourite part of the week was when I got to use the wall stapler and put up a display on healthy eating. If that wasn’t good enough, the teacher left a note for me to pick up the next day, saying she liked the display, woohoo! The note also contained the things I had to do that day, boo!

After a hard week at work, I had a quiet Friday night in. And with ‘HWOPJ’ out, I thought I would get out the lap top and settle down to…. Question Time on Iplayer. Rock and indeed Roll!

On  Saturday I was on BBC Radio Manchester Sport, talking about funny stadium names. This is the kind of things that happens to you when you are prepared to chat about everything and anything on air. I was going to put a link to the show but it’s not on the Iplayer but let’s just assume I was charming, witty and insightful.

Also on Saturday, I went to a planetarium in Greenwich, to be honest I wasn’t sure what one was until Saturday (it’s like a cinema, where the only film showing is one of the stars and the planets) but we got free tickets, thanks to ‘HWOPJ’s friend, which was just aswell as I fell a sleep through most of it. But in my defence it was dark in there. But this isn’t why I mention the planetarium, it’s because as I was sat next  to ‘HWOPJ’ a man tried to pass by and before doing so said, “Excuse me ladies”. Ladies?? The last time I checked I was a man,( not that I have to check to know this). Never in my time on this earth have I been mistaken for a woman. I don’t even think I’m very feminine looking. After giving the whole thing some consideration the only reasonable explanation I could come up with, is that the karma police were seeking revenge for me mistaking a boy for a girl at the school earlier in the week. But in my defence he had way too much hair and looked like a girl. Feel free to let me know if you’ve ever been mistaken for the wrong gender.

And Finally… onto what the world has been talking about for the last seven days, forget Colonel Gaddafi, forget Charlie Sheen, forget Ashley Cole shooting a student (what a twonk), the big thing everyone is talking about is how many fish fingers we have in our freezer (see last weeks post). The answer ladies and gentlemen is 52. Now you can all sleep easier knowing this fact.

Til next week, stay safe!

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