Heaven is a place on earth

ragnhild zeigler

 Hola. Hope you are well and had a good Easter break.

I spent a few days back in Manchester, I had a fun time, it felt a little bit like a holiday. A holiday in a place I know well, where I got to see my friends and family, where the sun shone each day and I got to eat branded cereals. In many ways what I’ve just described could be heaven.

Whilst I was back in Manchester I appeared on the Andy Crane radio show. The other guest on the show was a very interesting lady, Ragnhild Zeigler, who not only is a singer-songwriter but also plays the saw and in addition to this is a politician in her native Norway and works with deaf autistic children. She properly put this unknown comedian in the shade. You can listen to this show by following this link. (This will be up for a further 5days)

Also whilst I was I Manchester I decided to support my local independent book shop and bought the book ‘Staying Power’ The History of Black People in Britain. ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ already thinks I’m race obsessed (i’m not) so there is a chance this book could tip me over the edge. I could become a light weight Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, maybe Julian Y or Julian Luther Prince. Watch this space, although it is a big book, so it might be a while before I summon up the energy to read it, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable difference in my subject matter any time soon.

Talking of ‘HWOPJ’, she has got a new job, which I think is typical, in what I described could be“the most important 2 weeks of my life” where I was to sort out different aspects of my life, and it was actually HWOPJ who had the significant news. I think the biggest impact on me when HWOPJ moves jobs is that I’ve got to know her work colleagues and then I have to get to know a new set. I imagine it’s what it must be like if you’re a child and your single mum introduces you to a number of different ‘uncles’ and then from time to time she sits you down and explains that you won’t be seeing ‘Uncle Kevin’ so much as they’re not ‘friends’ anymore. (I must add this didn’t happen to me)

Talking of relationships, is anyone reading this excited about the Royal Wedding taking place on Fri? Feel free to let me know if you are and why. I have to admit that weddings leave me cold, so one where it involves 2 privileged people I don’t know doesn’t fill me with much excitement. I can’t help thinking the people of Scotland and Hull have got the right idea as apparently no resident of these places has applied for a licence to hold a street party for the wedding. Having said all this, I wish Wills and Kate (or Catherine) well and if I’m near a TV I will no doubt watch, after all it’s an event and I’m a sucker for an event. However If Wills is reading this and is heaving second thoughts, he could do worse than checking this out. 

And Finally…On to some good news relating to this blog. I was checking the figures for the number of hits for April and this month has received the most hits since I moved this blog to WordPress in Sept 2010. So I thank you all for clicking on this blog. As a sort of reward for your support and because I found I have duplicate CDs I thought I would do a CD give away. So if you fancy one of the following CDs just let me know via the comments button which one you would like and then email me your postal address, my email is emailjuliandaniel@yahoo.co.uk and I will send you the copy.

So the CDs are:

Nothing but the Best – Frank Sinatra

Black Holes and Revelations – Muse

The Deformation of Strickland Banks – Plan B

A grand don’t come for free – The Streets

Antidotes – Foals

Til next week, stay safe! (next week’s blog  maybe published on Tues again what with Mon being a bank hol)

2 thoughts on “Heaven is a place on earth

  1. I might actually be allergic to the ‘W’ word – the meer metion of it brings me out in a cold sweat! Someone once said that you are not old enough to get married until you are old enough to know better…


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