Are you a professional singer?

hoddle and waddle

Hola. Hope you are well.

Congratulations on surviving the apocalypse. Thankfully I didn’t do anything drastic thinking the world was going to end on Saturday. The amount of times someone has predicted the end of the world and it hasn’t happened makes me think it’s either really hard to work out or people are making it up as they go along. It’s almost as if you are a preacher in America and you want attention, all you have to do is predict the end of the world or threaten to burn a certain holy book.

Besides still being here, I’ve had another varied week. I was briefly in Manchester over the weekend with the intention of meeting up with my dad only for him to ring and say he was stuck in Trinidad. I doubt anyone else had that happen to them this weekend,( except my brother).

I was also in a primary school last week, where I got complimented on two of my shirts, one by a co-worker and one by a child. And after singing along to a song two girls had made up, one of them said, “are you a professional singer”? I don’t think in all my time on this earth, I have ever been complimented for my singing, I’m not sure why as I fancy my self as a vocalist. I freely admit I’m not the best singer ever but I’m not the worst, I fall somewhere between Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan, admittedly more towards Bob’s end of that scale.

This compliment reminded me of when I was having a kick around with ‘Her With One Permanent Job’s’ 6-year-old cousin,and he said, “how can you be so good at football and not be professional”? This is something I’ve thought about in the past and it was nice to know someone else thought that, even if they weren’t old enough to know any better. It would appear that if the world was run by 6 year olds, I’d be both a singer and a footballer. I could have been the new Waddle or indeed Hoddle but unfortunately (or fortunately) the world is not run by 6 year olds.

Talking of work, it looks like I will be in the school I’m currently at until the end of the summer term, working 5 days a week. Before I get lambasted for being Nick Clegg like and going back on my manifesto of only working a 4 day week,  I feel I must say, “I’ve had to make some tough decisions due to the previous regime leaving my life in such a mess”. I do however think it’s a little ironic that someone who has been quite ambivalent to work and has always tried to do his own thing work wise has ended up working full-time in of all cities LONDON. The couple of things I have discovered by doing a ‘proper job’  is what things I like and don’t like. In the latter case, that’s mainly doing a proper job.

The only other thing that happened at the school worth mentioning came about because they had a dentist in. This lead to a 5min class discussion about why we should brush our teeth, how we should brush our teeth, what foods and drinks are good for teeth. After all of that, the children sat down to listen to a reading of … Charlie and the Chocolate factory. You couldn’t make it up, well you could but people would think you made it up. 

And Finally… The Queen made a historic trip to Ireland last week. She became the first reining British monarch to visit Ireland for 100 years. It’s been seen as a successful visit, she said all the right things, she went to the Guinness factory and she didn’t get blown up.  But if you read the papers all this still pales into insignificance, compared to Pippa Middleton’s ass.

Til next week, stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Are you a professional singer?

    • Hi Simon. It’s always good to hear from you. I hope you are well.
      I’m going to drop you an email in the next few days, it’s nothing serious just computer stuff.
      Take care and speak soon. Julian

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