Reasons to be cheerful

joss stone

Hola. Hope you are well.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my passport runs out in August and I am going to be abroad for a few days in July. I was a little concerned that this might be a problem and so I rang the passport office and they said I could ring my airline to see what their policy on this matter is or I  could get a new passport. I had intended to get a new passport, I got the forms and everything but I’ve just not got round to doing it and because you have to send in your present passport when you want to renew it, I thought it would be typical of me to end up with no passport by the time we were to travel. So just before I wrote this blog I rang up the airline and they said I would be fine travelling on this passport. The only reason I mention it, is to let you know that nothing can go wrong from now in terms of the passport.

Last week, I mentioned how I had just started to read 59 Seconds, a self-help book that demystifies self-help books. It’s not yet changed my life but I think it might have  changed ‘Her With One Permanent’s Job’s’ life as I am constantly telling her what I have learnt and taking any opportunity to apply the book’s ideas to our circumstances. For example, when she texted me to say she was a little peeved by her friend mucking her about, I texted back “Think of 5 things you are grateful”, I’m not sure that text was one of the five.

Also last week, we went to see the new X-Men film. We went largely because our close, showbiz friend James McAvoy is in it. I say close, showbiz friend, I’ve played football twice with him and ‘HWOPJ’ met him as part of a previous job but we are still claiming him. I thought it was  very watchable even though it wasn’t my normal genre of film, my normal genre of film being dodgy £1 films from the library.

In addition to this we went to the Globe theatre to watch Dr Faustus. From what I could work out, the moral of the play is that if you are going to sell your soul to the devil, try to negotiate a better deal than 24 years of power and knowledge. Twenty Four years doesn’t seem long enough for what he was offering. I think Dr Faustus could have done with Max Clifford sorting out the deal.

I think the oddest story of the week was the fact that two men from Manchester were planning to kidnap, rob and possibly murder pop star Joss Stone. I know she can come across as being a bit annoying but murdering her does seem somewhat extreme. Whenever I read a story like this and it involves more than one person I always think that one of the party should have seen reason and talked the other one out of it. If  one of my friends came to me and said, “I’m thinking of kidnapping, robbing and murdering Joss Stone”, I’d like to think that at the very least I would talk them out of murder. I think the most shocking thing about the story, isn’t the fact that two Mancunian’s could be bothered to travel all the way to Devon but that Joss Stone is reportedly worth £9m.

Talking of shocking news, I’m doing a rare comedy gig this Thurs, 23rd June as one half of the 3 Prong Attack. We are only doing a 5min set but hopefully it should be fun. At this point a normal person would write the details of the show, i.e venue, price, time etc… but I didn’t book the show and Prong 2 is keeping me on a need to know basis. So far I know it’s near Angel tube st. So if you think you will be in and around that area on Thurs eve, email me on and hopefully I will be in a position to give you more info. Cheers.

And Finally… We have hot water at the flat, well sort of, the boiler is still playing up. It worked straight after the gas plumber left but a day later it went back to being temperamental. To be fair, the plumber did say the boiler was in v.poor condition. But at least it’s stopped dripping water and that’s something to be grateful for. In fact one of the 5 things I’m currently grateful for.

Til next week, stay safe!

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