I’m winning!

Tony Walsh and Cerys Matthews

Hola. Hope you are well.

I am a little achy. It’s largely my own fault. I played  11-a-side football for the first time in I don’t know how many years. After it I remembered why I don’t play 11-a-side, as it was hard work. My cool down however involved sitting down and moaning with the other players as to how hard it was and then going to the pub for a pint. And that is why more than two days later I am still achy.

Talking of football (of sorts) ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ managed to get us Olympic tickets. She said they were “literally the last things left”. Meaning we are the proud owners of slightly over priced Women’s football tickets. We’ve not even got tickets for the final but instead for a random quarter-final. These set of Olympic tickets were allocated on a first come, first serve basis. This caused a whole heap of chaos as the website crashed as demand outstripped their capability to deal with it. I’ve always said that first come, first served was a stupid way of allocating these tickets, surely some kind of ballot system would be better.

Also last week, Thurs, I did my 5 min comedy set, the 3 Prong Attack with my mate Prong 2 (and he is Prong 2 despite what he might say). It was an interesting gig, when we got there we introduced ourselves to the organiser who had no recollection of who we were. As I didn’t  organise the gig I was able to take step back and watch how it all played out knowing no matter what the outcome, blame would not be coming my way. As it happened thanks to modern technology the organiser was able to get on his phone to see he had sent Prong 2 a confirmation email so we were ok to perform. Without such technology I wonder what he would have done? Maybe noted down on a pad who was on the bill. Anyway, we got to perform and it went well, which always surprises us, as we are a comedy duo with no actual jokes. Which in many ways not only summarises our but also our lives.

The only other thing to mention about the gig, kind of reinforces my theory that creative types are no good at organising things. This is illustrated by the fact I sent my friend Colin a musician, a txt on Weds night saying I was doing the gig the next day. Unfortunately he didn’t read the txt til Thurs morning. So on Fri evening I was shocked, surprised and a little confused to get a txt from him asking for confirmation of the pub’s name. I was so put out I rang him, which is a big deal when you are on Pay as you Go. Luckily he hadn’t left his house and had to endure a wasted trip. We did talk about meeting up some time soon but don’t expect to see that happening til around Christmas.

In a vain attempt to prove this blog isn’t all about me, I have been thinking about the potential bailout of Greece by the Eurozone. This would be the second time this has happened within a year. What I really don’t understand by the whole thing is how can I be more solvent than an entire country. Me an unknown comedian in a comedy partnership that doesn’t do jokes, it doesn’t make any sense.

And Finally… Thanks to the power Twitter I’m able to find out all the successes of my poetry contemporaries from the Manchester scene. This week alone I was able to read that Mike Garry was in a French school doing his poems, Tony Walsh was the poet in Residence at Glastonbury and Dominic Berry won a poetry slam at the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe in New York. In fairness due to the power of the blogosphere they will be able to read that I did a 5min set in the upstairs of a North London pub. So to borrow a phrase from Charlie Sheen, “I’m winning!”

Til next week, stay safe!

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