Quorn to run


Hola. Hope you are well.

I have had a varied week. On Weds I performed as one half of 3 Prong Attack. This was quite hard work, we were the 15th act of 15, a spot where people are just thinking about getting home, including us. I’d say it was the hardest of the 4 gigs we’ve done recently, we got laughs and the audience seemed to go with it but there did seem to be some energy lacking. I do think there is something slightly disheartening about my return to the open mic scene. I think part of it is because you put a lot in for not much return, for example I didn’t get home til after 11:30 and that was for 5 mins of  stage time. In many ways this is opposite to the beliefs held in the book I hold dear 59 Seconds. Having said that, 3 Prong Attack are back on stage this Thurs, 4th August, on a barge. It’s at The Battersea Barge, Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall, SW8 58P. Doors 7:30, Show 8pm. Price £7. Nearest Tube Vauxhall (exit 6), and Battersea Park Rail St.

On last weeks blog post, I was talking books, this week I’m going to continue on this theme, as I just finished Platform by Michel Houellebecq. I enjoyed it, although I did think it was like a sex manual, with a plot behind it. There’s all kinds of sex in it, sex with Thai prostitutes, S&M, wife swapping, threesomes, sex in public and erm underage sex. In addition to this it is also a manual for anyone interested in the workings of the leisure and tourism industry, so you could say there is something for everyone.

Slightly inspired by the amount of sex in this book, and there is a lot, at times it feels like there is sex on every other page, so with this in mind I have devised a new game, ‘Sex or No Sex’. You the readers of this blog can choose a page number between 3 and 362 and I will tell you if there is sex or no sex on this page in my copy. So if you want to choose a page number you can  via the comments page. This game will be sweeping the nation in the next few weeks.

Also last week, I talked about how I was planning to run during my downtime. I managed to get out twice last week, including yesterday (Sun) which proved hard going. It probably wasn’t helped by the fact that I had gone out for a few drinks the night before and ended up having several pints of lager, some glasses of wine and a vodka cocktail. In addition to this I don’t think I ate properly before the run as part way through all I could think of was Burgers. As I was running I kept thinking if Fearne Cotton was watching she wouldn’t be impressed by me (see last week’s blog post if you have no idea what I am talking about). But despite all this, and I don’t know how but I managed to do the 7 miles in just over an hour, which means I’m on for a sub 2hr time in the Great North Run. Although I must at this point say that I’m not advocating the drinking thing before a run.

‘Her With One Permanent Job’ is also on the whole fitness tip and I know this because left to do the internet shop on her own, she ordered Quorn. I’ve got to be honest I have never had Quorn before, and I don’t think I will be having it again. Even now after eating the mince, I still don’t know what it is. I’m a simpleton, I understand what a chicken. cow and sheep is, even if I don’t always know which part of that animal I am eating.

And Finally… Amy Winehouse’s album Back to Black is back at No1 of the album charts 8 days after she passed away. I do find this kind of thing quite fascinating because that was a big album when it first came out so you would think every fan would have had it by now. It has made me think if a persons death increases sales in other industries. For example, I wonder if your local milkman died would there be a sudden increase in people getting their milk delivered?

Til next week, stay safe!

8 thoughts on “Quorn to run

    • Hello HWOPJ, what an unusual name, but thanks for coming on board. As for page 190, that has Sex, S&M for good measure. Let me write the first line of that page, ‘a number of hooks which she stuck into his scrotum; a little blood beaded on the surface. It’s almost poetic.

    • Hi. Cheers for commenting. The figure on the cover of the book is a woman and I’ve had a read of page 101 and there is no sex on it, introductory or otherwise. Feel free to have another go. It’s the game sweeping the nation!

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