It’s not where you’re from…

breaded haggis balls

Hola. Hope you are well.

I was in Edinburgh for the weekend, mainly for the festival, purely as a punter this year. My one objective on this trip was to try some haggis. Regular readers of this blog will know I don’t like to set myself too challenging of tasks, at the start of the summer, one of my objectives was to eat potatoes. Anyway, yesterday (Sun 21st) I had haggis for the very first time. It was breaded haggis balls, which ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ said was “cheating” but I liked it and will definitely have haggis again, should you be wondering.

Despite all the arts and culture on show, I did manage to find a pub and watch some football, which in some people’s eyes will reflect badly on me, but what can you do? Towards the end of the match, I decided to top up my pint by ordering a half, which in some people’s eyes will reflect badly on me, as it happened the barmaid poured me a pint and I was too pussy to point out the mistake so I accepted the pint. My conclusion was that there is no such thing as a half  in Scottish pubs.

The other thing to happen to me in the pub was one of the locals approached me and asked me “Where I was from”. So I said, “Manchester”, cos that’s where I was born but I could tell from his reaction that this wasn’t what he was asking. That and him saying, “I thought you might be from Africa”. We had a bit of a conversation, which wasn’t easy as he had quite a strong Scottish accent, so I couldn’t pick every word and he had a hearing aid so probably couldn’t pick out every word I was saying. We are however meeting again next year to put on a show, naturally I am joking, although it’d be fair to say anything we could come up with wouldn’t look out of place at the Fringe.

Normally at the Edinburgh Fest I see quite a few celebs, this year the only famous people I met were, Justin Moorhouse, who I had a brief chat with at the train station, as we were heading home and he had just arrived. The other person I think I saw was, ex Corrie actor, Danny Young, although I’m not sure it was him. To be honest I’m not sure you can be described as famous if people aren’t sure if it’s you or not.

Talking of trains, (I met Justin at the train st) I was reading about how train prices are set to go up by between 8-13%. This is a bummer for me as I regularly use the train. I have come up with a plan to fight back against these price increases. I am going to start use trains 8-13% less. That’ll learn these multi-million pound train companies, as I’m hitch hiking somewhere in Doncaster. In all seriousness ‘HWOPJ’ and I are being forced to get the coach to Newcastle next month because the train prices were so expensive. A     6 hour coach trip is never ideal, especially when the reason you are going to Newcastle is to run a half-marathon. Alternatively we could have done what Brad and Angelina recently did and hire an entire train. 

On last week’s blog post, I mentioned how my passport pics were rejected for being too blurry. The owners of the photo booth, where I took the pics were very accommodating and sent me a cheque for my £5. I am definitely going to cash it, but it made me wonder what is the smallest value of cheque you have either cashed or written. For any young people reading this, ask your parent what a cheque is.

This Thurs, 25th Aug I will be doing an open mic gig as part of my double act 3 Prong Attack. It is at Dr Ink’s, 52 Stamford St, London, SE1 9LY. Time 7:30 and It’s Free. Nearest station, Southwark. If you are thinking of coming along let me know, just so the organisers know we have brought some audience. Cheers.

And Finally… As all the fallout continues from the riots, I saw that an 11-year-old boy looted a bottle of wine. The fact he took a bottle of wine seems quite sophisticated for someone so young. I didn’t start drinking wine regularly until my 30’s. So I suppose that’s something positive to come from the recent troubles.

Til next week, stay safe!

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