One of those gigs

Indian Summer

Hola. Hope you are well.

And enjoying this unseasonally good weather. Let’s face it this amount of good weather would be unseasonal if it were the Summer. One thing that makes it even sweeter is knowing the energy companies must be gutted. At the start of October they must have been hoping for a cold snap, just so we could add to their massive profits. If it were down to me I’d attempt to go through the whole of Winter without putting the heating on, just to spite these companies. Unfortunately it’s not practical, plus I’m not sure ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ would be up for it. Maybe it’s something I can do when I’m a pensioner.

On last week’s blog post, I mentioned how I did a gig (as the 3 Prong Attack) at a local venue and how it had gone well. It was almost the perfect gig in many ways, the night started on time, the compere kept it tight so the night finished at 10pm and more importantly it was a 5 min walk from my flat. Well comedy, has a way of  kicking you square in the balls as soon as you think you’re on to a good thing. This leads me on to the gig we did on Thurs. I think the best way to describe it, is to say ‘it was one of those gigs’.

When we got there the compere said that only 5 of the 15 acts had turned up and if we wanted we could do more than the 5 mins we were originally due to do. He went on to say, he had no acts in the second half  so if we wanted we could do an hour, I think he was joking, anyway we decided to add a feature to pad our set out to 7 mins, less is more after all. Shortly after this the compere came round and asked us if we knew how to get a microphone working. As both myself and Prong 2 are useless when it comes to technology we replyed in the negative but we were still knowlegeable enough to know that this wasn’t a good sign.

For the next half hour numerous people seemed to put wires into sockets and take wires out of sockets with no success. Just as we had come round to the idea the gig wasn’t going to happen, the mic started working, meaning the show was going to start an hour later than planned and not only that but there were now 9 acts ready to perform. The compere told us all we could do between 5-10 mins each, which when comics hear this they generally aim for 10 mins and sometimes end up going over that time limit, and as we were on in the second half we couldn’t even sneak off in the interval.

We were in fact the first act on in the second half, not a bad slot, but early into our set the mic cut out, something that hadn’t happened to any of the other acts before us and neither did it happened to any of the acts after us, including an impressions competition. So whilst the mic was being fixed we continued accapella, which as it was a small room didn’t really affect people’s ability to hear us, which somewhat renders the whole mic thing at the beginning of the evening a liitle bit pointless.

The night finished at about 11pm, and it was only then that we (3 Prong Attack and ‘HWOPJ’) realised we didn’t know the best way to get home. We had those conversations people have when they don’t have enough information to actually make a proper decision. So one of us would suggest a route home and then someone would say we could do that but then we don’t know if there’s a connecting train when we get to such and such station. This went on for a while, just inserting different station names. In the end we got a train to a station and then a taxi to our respective homes, getting home for about midnight on a school night (literally a school night for me).

I should mention that after the gig, one of the few genuine audience members came up to us and complimented us on our set, which was nice. I’d like to say it more than made up for the night as a whole but I can’t.

And finally…. Just so you know I will definitely let you know how the gig goes next time we perform at this venue because despite what I have said above, one thing I can guarantee about 3 Prong Attack is that at some point in the future we will play this gig again and we still won’t have worked out how to get home. It’s just what we do.

Til next week, stay safe!


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