School boy error

Howard from the Halifax ads

Hola. Hope you are well.

I had a different day at school today, I was in a school pic, when I say school pic I mean the whole school was in it, although there wasn’t enough room on the stands so they are going to ‘stitch‘ the years 7&8’s into the picture in post production. Who knew school pics used such methods? I can’t help thinking they would have been able to squeeze everyone into the pic if they hadn’t allowed temporary support staff like myself to be in it. I imagine in years to come the pupils will look at me in the pic and say, “who is that guy?” or if things turn out differently “there’s that guy who became famous by blogging every Monday (or on a Tuesday if he couldn’t do it on a Monday).

Talking about school, a couple of us TAs (Teaching Assistants) were talking about the famous people we have been told we look like. It stemmed from the fact one of the TAs looks like Daniel Radcliffe. It was also a good opportunity for me to roll out my “Butt out Mc Hammer” and “Oi The Nutty Professor” stories and being compared to Howard form the Halifax adverts. One of the girls said she’s been told she looks like Wagner from last year’s X-Factor, I couldn’t see it myself but she says she can. The weird thing is she is petite and quite attractive, whilst Wagner is … erm not. I relayed this story back to ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ when we were chatting at home and made the school boy error of keeping the ‘quite attractive’ in the story. All I can say to any men reading this who are in a relationship, always make out that all the female staff you work with are pig ugly, even if your job is working with models.

Now onto the Rugby World Cup. I can honestly say I’ve hardly watched any of the Rugby World Cup, partly because the games are on at inconvenient times and partly because it’s Rugby Union, which in my opinion is not a very spectator friendly sport. It is a game that seems to split its time between a lot of burly men lying on the ball, to some men aimlessly kicking the ball to the rare moments of genius. Before any rugby fans have a go at me, in my younger days I  played rugby, so keen was I that I not only played at school I also played for a club.

Anyway, if you want a very brief update of the World Cup, England are out, which is great news for the dwarfs of New Zealand. England’s time at the World Cup seems to have been littered with controversy after controversy. Not only was there the dwarf throwing incident, there was Mike Tindall (newly married to Zara Phillips) pictured with his head in another lady’s cleavage, there was bungee jumping, white water rafting, lewd comments to female hotel staff, swapping the balls during a match and jumping off a ferry. It does appear that the rugby got in the way of their jolly. The Welsh squad on the other hand decided they would stay off the booze during the tournament and they are through to the Semi-Final, although at the time of writing I have no idea as to their views on dwarf throwing.

And Finally… One of the things I like about doing this blog is that you put random stuff out and then someone comments on it. The other week I wrote about how I got stung on the ear. On Saturday I got a txt off a friend back in Manchester who said she had read my blog and that she too got stung recently. Not only that, she also got stung on the ear. If we could prove that it was the same insect, we’d probably get into the Metro Newspaper, one can dream.

Til next week, stay safe!

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