The third coming


Hola. Hope you are well.

Last week was a big one, what with Gaddafi, the Stone Roses and my birthday, this my have gone a little under the radar as it happened to fall on the same day as Colonel Gaddafi was killed, in cross fire or assassinated depending on which you think is more likely. Feel free to let me know if anything infamous has happened on your birthday.

My mate (Tom) also had a birthday last week, his birthday however fell on a more uplifting story, the announcement that the Stone Roses were reforming. Typical, I get Gaddafi, he gets, the Stone Roses. In other music news Westlife announced they will be splitting up after one last tour. The odd or brilliant thing about music is that the news that Westlife are splitting will mean more to some people more than the news that the Stone Roses are reforming. These people are obviously wrong but that is their choice.

Talking of Westlife, I think they should bring back Brian Mcfadden for the farewell tour. I do wonder which Brian regrets more leaving Westlife or having two children with Kerry Katona?

Music has gone a little weird at the moment, I base this statement on the fact that Steps were the number one album a couple of weeks ago. Steps who I assumed reformed not due to public demand but then in their defence they did get the number one slot and have some sell out shows coming up. This does make me ask, who is buying Steps albums or Steps tickets? If this is you feel free to let me know, you may want to change your name.

The current number one album is Noel Gallagher’s first solo album. ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ bought it me as one of my birthday presents. One of the tracks has an intro that is similar to that of Wonderwall. It did make me wonder if Liam might be tempted to sue Noel (again) but as Noel was the writer of the song, how would this work? Is it possible to plagiarise yourself?

On last week’s blog I mentioned how I was tempted to bet on France to beat New Zealand in the rugby World Cup Final, despite New Zealand being the overwhelming favourites. My thinking was that you never know what will happen in a two-horse race and even though France has been awful this tournament, everything might click in the Final. In the end I didn’t put that bet on, for various reasons, one being my local bookies had already paid out on a New Zealand victory and they would probably view me as an idiot if I were to put money on France. Anyway, when I was watching the game I was thinking, this is going to backfire as France looked like they might pull off a massive shock victory. How much more of an idiot would I have looked if France had won and I hadn’t put any money on it, having said I would. In the end it all turned out well as France lost by one point and I could take comfort in thinking about the pound I saved by not putting the bet on.

And Finally… Yesterday at our flat we were invaded by ladybirds, they were all congregating by our bedroom window. I spent over half an hour flicking them  back out of the window. Has anyone else been targeted by ladybirds or is it just a personal attack on me?

Til next week, stay safe!


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