The magic 500 words

Frankie Cocozza's bum

Hola. Hope you are well.

I was back at school today after having a day off on Friday due to the school having a training day. As I am agency staff it’s not worth them paying for me to be trained up. I have to admit I was very pleased to have a day off. If anything I was way too pleased. As a novice to this working 5 days a week malarkey, is this reaction to a day off normal? I think the secret to having a day off is not to try to do too much as you won’t get everything done. You’ll be pleased to know that over the years I’ve managed to build up the skills necessary to not doing too much. That’s one for the CV.

On last week’s blog post I mentioned that I read in a newspaper that blog posts should be no longer than 500 words as the modern person can’t deal with anymore than this without blanking out. At the time of writing this last week, I was past the magic 500 words but still went on to mention details of a gig I was performing at. As one of the regular readers to this blog (Simon) pointed out, it might be worth putting the gig details on before people switch off. He’s probably got a good point, so with this in mind…..

I will be performing as one half of 3 Prong Attack at Up the Creek, Comedy Variety Night this Thurs, 17th Nov. Here is the blurb about the night, 15 new comic acts trying to win over the crowd in a mere five minutes – whilst our big name host guides us through the night. Doors open at 7.30pm show begins at 8.15pm with Bar and Restaurant open all night. Admission is a mere £4. Venue, 302 Creek Road, SE10 9SW, nearest Tube, Cutty Sark.

In other news, ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ is currently in Africa for work. This seems somewhat unfair as my job currently takes me to SW London and my ‘glamorous comedy career’ seems to send me to an assortment of bars dotted round London. One of my big concerns with her being away, after her personal safety (naturally) is that I forget to take my keys out with me and therefore lock myself out of the flat. If this happens when she is here, it would mean I’d have to hang out, probably at the local library until she got back from work. And although this would be annoying, and I would miss Neighbours, it would be manageable but if I were to do it now, that would be a weeks worth of Neighbours I’d miss. That would be a disaster, how would I follow the storylines after missing a week?

And Finally… on to Frankie Cocozza and for those who don’t know who he is/was, he got kicked out of X Factor last week for breaking the ‘Golden Rule’. The Golden Rule being, watching Strictly Come Dancing, or was it boasting about taking cocaine, I always get them two things confused. Anyway it was something bad. It wasn’t all bad news however as his departure still allowed ITV and The X Factor to make money by opening the phone-lines to allow someone back into the competition, who had previously been dumped out of it in the first week. The person who went through was Amelia Lily, who apparently is now the favourite to win. Only in the X Factor can the favourite to win at the half-way stage be the person who was eliminated in the first week. Apologies for anyone who is not interested in the X Factor, but as this paragraph has gone passed the magic 500 words mark, you would have switched off whether you were into the X factor or not.

Til next week, stay safe!

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