A roller coaster week

Octopus's Garden

Hola. Hope you are well.

The good news is that I’ve managed not to lock myself out of my flat (see last week’s blog post) but I did lose my Oyster (travel) card but it had no money on it, and when I say no money, I mean nothing ie. £0:00. I suppose if you are going to lose your oyster card then you’re best doing it when there’s no money on it. Although I still had to pay £5 for a new one. As you can see it’s been a roller coaster week for me.

As well as not getting locked out, I think my biggest achievement whilst ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ has been away is to not put on the heating for all but 30mins and that was just to dry some clothes. I think I’m destined to be one of those guys who are found sat in a chair in a bed sit, covered in a blanket and wooly hat, for warmth all because they didn’t want to put the heating on. I’m sure when the gas bill comes my sacrifice won’t be noticed, not to worry it’s the satisfaction that my stubbornness brings that is the real reward.

Last week, I also went shopping at my local supermarket, for a few bits and after the woman had tallied it all up it came to… £6:66. Was it a sign of something sinister? Probably not. If anyone can think of any puns based around supermarket names and the Devil/Satan then feel free to let me know via the comments button, I think it would elevate this anecdote. Cheers.

I also had a very white meal, it was cod, potatoes and cauliflower. If I keep eating this meal I might turn into a white.

I also did something that I’m sure I’m not supposed to. As I was out on Thursday, I missed Children in Need Rocks Manchester, so on Friday evening I watched it on Iplayer but I feel I have to admit to skipping through the video clips of the serious bits and just watching the bands. This probably doesn’t show me in a good light. Maybe I should donate the minutes I saved by fast forwarding through these bits to some kind of charitable activity or I could just donate some money, that usually alleviates guilt.

Also last week, Martin Johnson stepped down as the England Rugby team manager. Normally I wouldn’t blog about this but the favourite to take over from him is Jim Mallinderwho was the head of PE at my school. In fact it was him who ended my Rugby career, don’t worry he didn’t nobble me, he just didn’t pick me in my last year of school, despite me having been in the school team all through my time at the school. After I was snubbed for both the first and second teams I decided to make myself unavailable for selection and so affectively brought down the curtain on my rugby career as I knew I wouldn’t be playing rugby again once I’d left school. Anyway after many years of therapy, I’m over it, honest.

And Finally… I was talking to someone at work about the Beatles and she said her favourite Beatles song is Yellow Submarine. I’m not a Beatles aficionado but I’m pretty sure that song is not representative of the Beatles finest work. It did make me think that one of my favourite none obvious Beatles song is Octopus’s Garden. Also sung by Ringo, which of this poll of two people shows who was the real talent in the Beatles. Feel free to let me know what your less obvious Beatles song is.

Til next week, stay safe!

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