One Year

The London riots

Hola. Hope you are well.

I had technological difficulties last night as my mobile phone packed in. I say packed in, it stopped working after I’d dropped it on our wooden floor, after enjoying a few pints, so you could say it was down to human difficulties. The weird thing about it packing in, was that earlier in the day ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ was talking about upgrading her phone and debating whether to get an Iphone or Blackberry, (her time in Kenya has made her appreciate what is important in life). At the time I was thinking that I would wait til my phone ceased to work before I thought about getting a new one. This mindset could be illustrated by the fact it  already had a massive crack in it and so was hanging together by the skin off its teeth, but as it stilled worked, I was happy to keep using it. To be fair to the phone, it had done the rounds, it was originally ‘HWOPJ’s’ mum’s, then ‘HWOPJ’ had it briefly and then it came into my possession. Not someone who is too proud to accept charity I’m currently using ‘HWOPJ’s’ Auntie’s phone.

On last week’s blog post I mentioned how I lost my Oyster card and the wallet it was in, the wallet ‘HWOPJ’ bought me for my birthday (she did get me other gifts), well last week I saw a student walking in the street who unwittingly dropped his student ID, as he was walking off I picked it up and handed it to him. Which surely means I’m in the black with the Karma Police, if that’s how these things work.

Tomorrow 29th Nov, I am doing another 3 Prong Attack gig, this time we are at the Victoria Comedy Club, Duke of York Pub, 130-134 Victoria St. There are some established acts on, including Benny Boot and  Yianni Agisilaou, and we will be doing about 8 mins. The show starts at 8:15. Tickets are £8 and need to be bought in advance. (See here). The nearest stations are Victoria, Train and Tube station.

This gig works out well for me because on the following day I’m not at work as my school is closed due to the public sector strike. I know there’s more to this strike than me having a lie in, but a lie ins a lie in, especially if it comes after a night when I’ve been out and about.

In other 3 Prong news, Prong 2 and I attempted to record some short film clips and put them on the internet. In typical 3 Prong tradition this turned out to be an epic fail as we only managed to do 2, one min clips before the camera packed in, with neither of us capable of sorting out the problem. Maybe better luck next time.

Today marks my first year in London. I think my biggest achievement is that I am still here. Overall it has been an interesting year both personally and for London, what with the riots and the protesters at St Paul’s. I should really write-up a review of my year, that’s what a proper writer would do, I on the other hand won’t commit to this as I know there is a good chance I won’t get round to doing it. Having done a year, I can at the very least say I’ve lived in London. It also enables me to spout my prejudices of London from a point of strength. For example, before moving here, I always thought London was too big, with too many people and was too expensive, a year on and I know it to be too big, with too many people and too expensive.

And Finally…. Next week’s blog post will probably be on Tues as I think I have another 3 Prong gig on Mon. I just need to confirm with Prong 2 that we are booked into this gig. As soon as he gives me the green light, I will put the details on my website, I wonder if Michael McIntyre operates in such a way.

Til next week, (probably Tuesday) stay safe!

4 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Kenya is actually the telecommunications hub of East Africa, so it is perfectly appropriate for me to be shopping for a new phone after being there. Also I’m not taking stick from someone who still has a Walkman.

  2. “There’s nothing wrong with having a Walkman…” – whilst this is a perfectly legitimate argument, I feel it should be qualified with the ‘type’ of Walkman. A modern, slimline 8Gb MP3/MP4 player is in fact a superb piece of equipment…whereas a portable CD player or (God forbid) a Walkman cassette player tends to be less of a ‘must have gadget’ and more of a throwback to the dark ages.

    One other minor point, couples arguing on a blog? Carry on like this Julian and you’ll end up with a Facebook account 😉

    Take care,

    • Oh no! Has this blog become Facebook?! The Walkman in question (to your horror) is one with a cassette. At this point I feel I should point out that although I still have my cassettes from my youth, I don’t use my Walkman to listen to them, I use it to listen to the radio, when I’m out and about. The silly thing is it was ‘HWOPJ’ who bought the Walkman.
      All the Best.

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