Hissy fits at 2am

Dougie from McFly

Hola. Hope you are well.

On last week’s blog post I mentioned how I had a new phone or I should say a new phone to me. I have to say that it is the best phone I’ve had, although that doesn’t say much for me, what with me not being that fussed with technological things. Having a hand me down phone does pose some issues, for example, without a manual you have to tentatively find your way around it. In that sense it’s like being with a new partner,as is the fact that some things appear to work in a similar manner to the previous one, yet some things are notably different, plus you literally have to learn which buttons to press. Feel free to let me no any similarities between mobile phones and partners. 

Last week I had a day off school due to the strikes, I used it to play around with my website, I think that’s what the strikers would have wanted. Even though I spent a fair bit of time on it, it’s not noticeably different but you can see for yourself, here is the new front page, I also added a page to house the videosI am in, and re-jigged my links page to reflect the websites/twitter pages I currently go on, feel free to have a look around.If you have any sites you’d like to recommend, your own or someone else’s let me know via the comments button.

Last week also saw me have a hissy fit at our flat at 2am in the morning, which involved me downing two mini bottles of beer and then returning to bed. At the time I was doing it to make a point, although even at the time I wasn’t quite sure what the point was, but in a way that’s not the point. Anyway the net result was that I returned to bed feeling bloated having drunk two bottles of beer too quickly. I’m over it now.

I also lost £10 last week, not in the street but in the bookies. I had a double on Mark Wright winning ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ and Misha B being eliminated from the X Factor. The sequence of events went like this, went out for a meal, on the way to the bus stop I put on the bet, ate the meal, came home just in time to see Dougie from McFly being crowned as King of the Jungle, ripped up betting slip.  I’ve always preferred Busted!

And Finally…Tiger Woods won his first golf tournament for more than 2 years, all I will say is watch out the golfing world and watch out cocktail waitresses.

Til next week, (hopefully Monday), stay safe!

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