Pull your finger out Mr Daniel

Tracey Cox

Hola. Hope you are well.

I had a realisation this week. Despite going out with ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ for many years, it has only been in the last few days, I’ve kinda worked out what you are supposed to do in relationships. By anyone’s standards that is being slow on the uptake. For the last year I have been working with children who require  a lot of repeated learning before the penny drops and even they would be like, “Pull your finger out Mr Daniel”

I won’t elaborate as to what my realisation was, as you can find it out yourself, plus you probably already now and this blog is not the forum for such a discussion, I will leave that to Miriam Stoppard and Tracey Cox. Talking of the latter, she has an apt sounding surname for the job she does, a sex and relationship expert. Does your name reflect the job you do?

Also last week I went running for the first time in ages. To be honest, since I did the Great North Run, (in August) I have literally dined on it. One of the reasons I went running, last week, was because it was on my things to do list. I think if you have to write down that you need to do exercise, rather than it be part of your routine, it’s probably time to do some exercise.

I also think that training to do the GNR was the nearest thing I’ve experienced to being on a diet. I trained hard and got myself as fit as I could all for one target and since then I’ve mentally and physically given up. I can see how brides balloon after they get married.  It’s not because they’ve trapped their man and then feel they can relax. It’s because they’ve starved themselves for months so they can get down to their ‘ideal dress size’ only to return to eating normally the moment the wedding pics have been taken.

Also last week, whilst doing a little bit of writing in a library, I saw two old guys have an argument about who was sat where. From what I can tell one guy was sat in a seat, then left  but left his bag on the seat and a newspaper open, only for the second guy to come along move the first guy’s bag and start reading the paper. So when the first guy came back he wasn’t too pleased, and vocalised this. At one point the second guy said, “You’re not supposed to leave your bag, it could have had a bomb in it”. Personally, I doubt there is a terrorist group out there targeting libraries (that’s the government’s job) and secondly if he did think there was a bomb in the bag he didn’t move the bag that far away from where he was sat.

In other news, I was speaking to a friend of mine, and mentioned the phrase, ‘Elephant in the room’, to which she said she’d never heard that phrase before. I would have thought everyone reading this, would have heard of this phrase, so with this in mind I thought are there any phrases you’ve recently learnt. I’ll start by saying, it’s only been a few years that I learnt the phrase is ‘Dull as ditch water’ and not, ‘Dull as dish water’. Feel free to let me know any of yours, via the comments button.

And Finally… Last week, I mentioned that people should contact me to let me know of websites they go on. In the week, my colleague directed me to Sabotage Times and my friend gave me two, NewsThump.com and The Daily Mash. I will throw in Poems and Strange Mumblings the blog of a regular contributor to this blog, (hope he doesn’t mind). Feel free to check these sites, but don’t forget little old me. Cheers

Til next week, stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Pull your finger out Mr Daniel

  1. Thanks for the link, Julian. Of course this now means that I have to make a committment to update the site!

    On the subject of apt names, I used to go to an optician whose name was (I kid ye not!) D. Igoe! Another gem was a local club’s treasurer who was a certain A. Fiddler.

    Take care and all the best for the holiday season to HWOPJ and yourself.


    • Hi Simon. No probs abt the link. I like your poems, especially the Monster poem. I look forward to reading about your build up to the Mcr Marathon. HWOPJ tried to talk me into doing it but I declined, so you are officially a better man than me.

      Cheers for the names of the optician and the club treasurer, CLASSIC!

      Hope you have a great festive period and all the best for 2012!


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