Spooning in the mince meat

Aero Christmas Tree

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve had a busy week or should I say a relatively busy week.

First up, I have joined Twitter, that might surprise some people but as it seems everyone and its wife is on Twitter I thought I would join. I know in the past I might have said that if something can be said in 140 characters it’s probably not worth saying, but what can I say, life makes a hypocrite of us all. In the past I’ve slagged off London and now I live there. At this rate I’m going to marry Cheryl Cole and start supporting Man Utd.

Joining Twitter is something I’d been thinking about doing for a while and like most things in my life it wasn’t straight forward. I decided to check out potential user names, including @juliandaniel, @jad (my initials) and even @Prong1 but they had all been taken, some by people who had only tweeted once or twice before giving up. So I did a little market research, (I spoke to two people, ‘Her With One Permanent Job‘ and my friend Zoe) and they suggested I should choose something around the moniker of an unknown comedian. As it happened @unknowncomedian was already taken and I couldn’t do @anunknowncomedian as it had too many letters, so I eventually plumped for @anunknowncomic. Feel free to follow me.

In other news, I’m currently enjoying my Christmas break from working in school. Before breaking up I decided I would get the two boys I work with football magazines, as they are both football fans and it would be a good way of getting them into reading. The only problem was I’d not bought a football mag since I was a kid and so I didn’t realise that they were so expensive. Match magazine were doing a Christmas special and were charging £4:99 for the privilege and the only other football mag on the shelf was the Match Of The Day magazine which were £2:99. As I was contemplating what I should do, I did think about getting them copies of Nuts or Zoo as they are only about £1:50 but even I thought this wouldn’t be suitable for 13 yr old school children. So in the end I went for MOTD magazine. To be fair, the two boys gave me a Christmas card each (and one of them gave me an Aero Christmas tree) and despite both of them knowing my name, both of them wrote them to Mr Daniels. The adding of the ‘s’  to my surname happens a lot, normally I blame Paul Daniels for this, but I don’t think they are old enough to know who Paul Daniels is.

Talking of Christmas, ‘HWOPJ’ wanted to get into the Christmas spirit by making mince pies, I did tell her you can buy them in shops but this didn’t deter her. We started off making the pies together but after I’d made two, I was subtly relegated to the less high-profile role of spooning in the mince meat. ‘HWOPJ’ mentioned something about creating a production line but I knew what was going on.

As well as making mince pies together, we decided to go and see Charlton vs Oldham on Saturday, mainly because it was £10 in. We enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t recommend lower league football on a cold December day as a first date. Also at the game there was a minutes applause for a former Charlton player who had recently died. I think it might have been my first minutes applause but what I did notice is that clapping for a min feels longer than you might think. Why not try it yourself, stand in front of a clock and clap for a minute, why not get the whole office involved. Let me know how it goes.

And Finally… As this is my last blog post of the year, all that remains for me to do is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012 and thank you for all your support through out this year, tis appreciated.

Til next time (start of 2012), stay safe!


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