The go to gutter man

A scratch card

Hola. Hope you are well and 2012 is treating you well. I wonder if in 8 years time we will all have perfect eyesight (my annual joke, apologies)

I’ve had a good Christmas period, I didn’t do loads but that’s no bad thing. In fact I did a couple of manual things, at our flat I cleaned our window sills inside and out and then at my mum’s I cleaned out the growth that was causing a blockage in her gutter. This process involved me leaning out of my old bedroom window and with my marigold wearing hand scooping the weeds and soil out. My reputation as the ‘go to gutter man’ must have spread because a few days later I was repeating the process at ‘Her With One Permanent Job’s mum’s house. It’s always good to keep on the right side of your partner’s family, especially as I think some sections think I’m a bit of an idiot (I wonder where they get that impression from)?

Also whilst I was at my mum’s I watched EastEnders for the first time since my self-imposed ban due to the baby snatching storyline. In the episode I watched there was a fire, a lot of crying,and even more screaming and a death, it’s nice to see some things don’t change. Other things I did at my mum’s, that I wouldn’t normally do included, watching Holby City and listening to more Adele than any man should. I listened to both her albums, 19 and 21, quite a few times. I wonder at what age Adele will stop naming her albums after the age she is?

I also took my trainers back to Manchester, with the intention of doing some exercise. Have a guess how many times I did exercise whilst I was back? Answers on a postcard to Julian scoffed his face during Christmas but did NO exercise competition.

And Finally… My new year has started well, as on our return to London we were greeted to a plant from our neighbour and some scratch cards from ‘HWOPJ’s friends, two of which were winning tickets. We had a brief chat as to what we are going to do with the money but it’s not easy knowing how to spend £3.

Til next week (Mon), stay safe!


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