Better late than never

An aubergine

Hola. Hope you are well.

Since last week’s blog post, I’ve been back working in the school I was at before Christmas. After 2 weeks off, for the  festivities, I went back feeling refreshed. After just one day back I was knackered. Luckily I only had to work 3 days last week.

I also received a late Christmas present as one of the pupils I worked with last term gave me a Liverpool FC wallet, which was a nice gesture, especially as he is a Man Utd fan. I’m not however sure if the wallet was official merchandise, as the slogan on it appears to read ‘YOU’LL NEVER WAIK AIONE’. As it so happens I no longer work with the same class that I was with last term, so I had to take the present and run. I do however reckon I’ve become more popular with the pupils of that class, now I’m no longer working with them. Nowadays they smile and say hello to me.

The only other work related news, was that today (9th Jan), I found a Christmas card addressed to me, where I sometimes sit, in our staff room. I can only assume the person left it for me before Christmas and I hadn’t seen it. They must have thought I was really rude as I’d not thanked them for it, until today. However instead of concentrating on a negative, I’m going to extenuate the positive and say I’m the first person in the world to receive  a Christmas card for Christmas 2012.

I’m still on Twitter, @unknowncomic. I’ve now got 16 people following me, including the games people Atari, I’ve got to admit I’m not sure why.

Before signing up to Twitter, I always thought it would be hard to condense my thoughts into just 140 characters. I now however realise my thoughts come in well under 140 characters.

Not only have I joined Twitter, which is a quite a technological achievement for me, it has also required to use my very first TinyUrl. As ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ said it’s a significant moment in a man’s life, his first tiny url.

On to some 3 Prong Attack news (the double act I’m apart of), and as regular readers to this blog may remember before Christmas, Prong 2 and I did a couple of video recordings but had to abandon doing any more as his camera packed in. Well below are the fruits of our labour from that day. They are a bit rough and (un) ready, but in years to come when 3 Prong Attack are the biggest name in comedy you can tell people you viewed their first demos and more important to you they’re  only a min each.                                      

First Video                        Second Video

And Finally… Those of you who read last week’s blog and have come back for more will know that ‘HWOPJ’ and I won £3 on scratch cards. In my head, I’m under the impression that you’ve all been waiting around since last Tues, waiting to see how we spent the money, someone who shall remain nameless said people wouldn’t be that interested. For all those on tenterhooks, on Sat ‘HWOPJ’  and I, went to our local supermarket, cashed the money and then bought items that included Chorizo, Olive oil (extra virgin), an aubergine and a left leaning broadsheet newspaper. In the end we ended up spending £4 of our own money on top of our winnings. Them’s the breaks.

Til next week, stay safe!

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