Have you used any of your own bags?

zahid hussein, terry christian and me

Hola. Hope you are well.

Last night I was forced to sit through an hour of Downton Abbey. I’m not sure how it happened. It wasn’t a show I was interested in when it was on TV and ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ didn’t seem that fussed about it, but she got the box set for Christmas. Some people will probably think I’ve gone soft (softer) for watching it, but I’m playing the long game. In any relationship there is give and take and I know that the night before ‘HWOPJ’ goes to Peru for two weeks, (for work) it’s the Carling Cup Semi Final Second Leg, between Liverpool vs Man City which I will want to watch. I just hope that on that evening ‘HWOPJ’ remembers my sacrifice last night.

Talking of Downton, people who watch it talk about whether they’d be upstairs or downstairs in the manor house. In my case I don’t think I’d have been allowed in the house full stop.

On to one of the oddest stories of the week and Antony Worrall Thompson being caught shoplifting cheese and wine from his local Tesco. It does seem a little weird that a man off the TV is forced to shoplift. Even if he is on his uppers and I don’t know if he is but  cheese and wine are hardly essential items. He did his pilfering from the self check out counters, scanning some items and not others. I have to admit I couldn’t do this, I haven’t got the nerve to steal, I’m the kind of person who can’t lie when the scanning machine asks, “Have you used any of your own bags? At least this might go some way to explain Tesco’s record losses.

On Friday, I was watching Coronation St. and got excited, maybe a little too excited as I saw someone I know on it, playing a nurse and she had a speaking part. If this wasn’t enough, I also saw a poet friend of mine on a show on a show called ‘My Daughter the Teenage Nudist’ he wasn’t the female nudist but he was filmed naked, with everything on show. I have admit, he’s braver than me, there’s no way I’m getting ‘little unknown comedian’ out on  national TV (or  regional tv)

On last week’s blog I put up the first ever 3 Prong Attack videos. I didn’t have loads of feedback but one of my colleagues did come in to work and start saying, “Prong 1”, “Prong 2”. I had to do a double take and think how does he know about 3 Prong Attack and then I worked out he must have read my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always grateful when anyone reads my blog but I also like to think the people and work think I’m doing some sophisticated, satirical comedy, not arguing about who’s Prong 1.

One other bit of feedback came from one of my oldest friends (in longevity not age) he said of the first video, ” you owe me 51 seconds.” If you want to view the videos for yourself they are here.     First Video                        Second Video

And Finally... I’ve started following Terry Christian on Twitter, which when I mentioned this to the aforementioned colleague at work he said, “why?” which is probably a valid question. I do however find it a very interesting experience, mainly because of the abuse Terry gets on it. I genuinely didn’t realise people were so angry and abusive. Surely if you don’t like someone, don’t follow them. And what were people doing with all this pent-up aggression before Twitter was around, or is it a case of I will abuse someone because I can. But the oddest thing for me is that grown adults are wound up by Terry Christian. I would have said all this on Twitter but you only get 140 characters, plus I don’t want to receive any abuse.

Til next week, stay safe!

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