Laughter is not always the best medicine

A random low budget coach company

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m back blogging on a Monday, after last week’s blog was published on Thurs. Having said this, next week’s blog could be on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, as I will be in transit on Mon afternoon and I’m doing a 3 Prong Attack gig (the double act I’m in) on Tues evening. Feel free to speculate what day the next blog will be.

As I mentioned I have a 3 Prong gig, next Tues, 20th March at Cavendish Arms,  128 Hartington Rd, Stockwell, SW8 2HJ. Nearest station Stockwell. It’s an open mic night and we will be doing  a 5min set, best of all it is FREE! Doors 7:30.

As regular readers will know, I have been in contact with a low-budget coach company about a journey that left 59mins after it was due to, with no explanation as to why, nor was there an apology. Well it’s all ended, unsatisfactorily, for me anyway. The last email I got from the Customer Care lady said, “I thought the matter had been resolved”. Surely it’s not for her to assume the matter has been resolved, is it not up to the customer say if they are satisfied or not? The sad thing is I can’t even say I won’t travel with them, as they are cheap, especially in comparison to train prices. And that is the problem, they know people who travel with them are poor and therefore can be treated like crap. Unless of course there are maverick millionaires travelling on budget transport just to see how the other half live, although I doubt this happens outside of Channel 4 shows.

Since I’m mentioning things from previous blog posts, about a month a go I mentioned I’d started reading the novel Catch 22. Just in case anyone has been sat at home wondering how I’m getting on, at the time of writing I am on page 203 of  a 519 page book. Feel free to let me know what page of a book you are on.

And Finally… at work today (I work as a teaching assistant), I made a boy laugh despite him being ill. To most normal people, this wouldn’t be significant enough to blog about, but I have to admit I was quite pleased by this. The boy still had to go home, proving that laughter is not always the best medicine.

Til next week (Mon, Tues,or Weds), stay safe!

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