Who rings a pub?

Spectator advert

Hola. Hope you are well.

Another blog post on a Wednesday, making a mockery of my claim to post on Mondays, maybe Wednesday is the new Monday. In my defence, I had a 3 Prong Attack gig on Monday night and then yesterday I was too tired to blog (diddums).

The gig on Monday took place at a Sports bar, where the acts were competing with Man Utd v Fulham. BBC 3 were also there filming, it probably doesn’t need saying but they weren’t there to film us, they were following a mixed raced (of black and white parents) , jewish, lady. That’s some good ticking of boxes BBC. To be fair she’s the what would happen if 3 Prong Attack had a daughter, assuming Prong 2 is the woman in the relationship.

Another notable thing about the night was how often the bar’s phone rang. It got me thinking, who rings a pub? And if you are ringing a pub, what are you ringing about? In the past, I’ve rung a pub, either to see if they are showing a certain football match or to find out what the pub was doing for Christmas or New Years Eve. As it was a Sports bar you’d assume they’d be showing the football and as we were only in March I doubt people are planning their Christmas night out 9 months early. Feel free to let me know what you’ve rung a pub for. (you can comment via the comments button)

On last weeks blog post I spoke about my argument with a compere, I don’t want to speak further about this as I went into it in detail last week, but one thing I’ve noticed, is that arguing with a stranger is better than arguing with a loved one. For example, if you argue with a family member, or your other-half, you have that awkward period afterwards, then the apology and the backdown, but with a stranger there is no fall-out, you’re never going to see them again. So for that reason I would recommend it, of course if the stranger turns out to be a maniac, ignore everything I’ve just said.

And Finally… Recently I’ve been seeing various Spectator magazine ads on the trains I travel on, one says, “After Brangelina and Jedward, we think we know what to call Dave and Nick”, referring to David Cameron and Nick Clegg‘Her With One Permanent Job’ pointed out this was similar to something I wrote a whole two years ago. Which shows I am ahead of the zeitgeist. And just in case people don’t believe me, here is a link to my blog post dated 17th May 2010. It was so long ago, it was the days before I blogged on WordPress.

Til next week, stay safe!

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