Is it wrong to re-gift an Easter egg?

Hola. Hope you are well.

I may have a 3 Prong Attack gig (my double act) this evening, Mon 2nd April. I say I may because for this gig you have to go to the venue early to put your name down for a slot. For those who will be in central London this evening, the gig takes place at the Round Table Pub (upstairs), 26 Martins Court, nearest Tube st is Leicester Sq. Doors 8pm, Show starts 8:30pm. It’s £5 in if you mention Chortle, see here and £7 if you don’t. Even if we aren’t on the bill I’m sure it will still be a good night of comedy.

Talking of the 3 Prong Attack, we had a meet up last week, where we had a chat about what’s been working and what hasn’t worked in terms of our live performances. We kind of accepted that what we are doing, a radio show in front of an audience, is a difficult concept for the audience to get their heads around. We are basically going against the norm, which is apparent at comedy gigs where every other act on the bill is doing straight stand up.  So after this chat about how we suffer by not doing what other people are doing, we did a short video for a comp, to be a vlogger (video blog) during the Olympics, in it Prong 2 thinks the Olympics are being held in Paris, and then I assure him they are being staged in Qatar. I can’t imagine any of the other participants, going to the time and effort to make a video clip, and then put something in that is quite clearly a comedy sketch. To be honest I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Onto other matters and how old I look. In the past few weeks I have been mistaken for a 6th former in the school I work in, I was also prevented from buying alcohol in a Morrisons store, due to their rule of not serving alcohol to people who don’t look at least 25, all this despite me being in my mid (to late) 30s. And then last week at school, I made the error of mentioning my date of birth to a colleague. We were discussing Chinese zodiac signs, I wasn’t just randomly telling people my date of birth. I knew in an instant that I had made a mistake, mainly because she started hyperventilating and then when she recovered significantly she asked. “Are you sure”? She then went on to say “If I look like you when I’m your age, I’ll have done something right”. I doubt any woman really wants to look like a man at any stage of their life, but I understood her sentiment. The problem I have is that I quite clearly look (and probably act) younger than my age. This is probably heightened when I’m clean-shaven and I look at my youngest. These incidents have made me think if someone ever makes a biopic of my life I could play both my current self and my younger self. There can’t be that many people who can say that.

And finally… Last week the teaching agency I work for, popped into school and left me a Easter Egg, for all my hard work, which was nice. As I’m not overly fussed about chocolate, I decided I would re-gift it and pass it on to ‘Her With One Permanent Job’. The problem with this plan, is that ‘HWOPJ’ knows me too well and didn’t believe I would go out and get her an Easter Egg unprompted. So in the end, I confessed as to where I got the egg, and she then felt disappointed that I’d not gone out and bought it. So, if you only take one thing from this blog, be careful when re-gifting Easter Eggs.

Til next week, stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Is it wrong to re-gift an Easter egg?

  1. Re-gifting an easter egg is fine, if you say ‘here, my love, I was given an easter egg which I am now choosing to give to you.’ HOWEVER, you have forgotten to mention that you PRETENDED you had bought me the egg, until I became suspicious and badgered you to admit that it was, in fact, a freebie.

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