A year’s a long time in comedy

Me in Arundel (technically Amberley)

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m back blogging on a Weds. In my defence Monday was a Bank Holiday and I was travelling back from Arundel. I was going to blog yesterday (Tues), but I got up, completed an application form that had to be sent by noon and because technology likes to play with me, it somehow didn’t save my work, so I didn’t get to send it and after that I didn’t feel like doing my blog. Feel free to let me know when technology got the better of you.

On last week’s blog post, I mentioned that 3 Prong Attack (my double act) might have a gig on the Monday, I did make a point of saying might because I knew you had to go down to the venue and put your name down before you could perform. Well that was what I thought, based exclusively on what happened when we performed this night just over a year ago. However a year is a long time in comedy. So I get to the venue before Prong 2, and recognise the compere, so I asked him if he was the person I should speak to about tonight’s comedy, he said “For tickets”? I thought that’s not a good sign but I continued by letting it be known that I wanted to perform.

He then asked, “What is your comedy history?” This caught me a little off guard but I quickly mentioned that I’d done stand up since, 2000/01. Normally that is enough, as promoters are reassured you’re not a fly by night, but on this occasion, I got nothing back. So with my big hitter drawing a blank, I decided to go with the fact that we’d played his gig, a year ago, nothing. At this point, I knew things weren’t going the way they should, so I started floundering and saying we’ve been doing gigs on the London open mic scene for the last year. Why I thought this would impress him, more than performing at his own night and being involved in comedy for 12 years, I don’t know.

At this point you’re probably thinking we didn’t get to perform, however we had one last hope as he said “Have you got anything on the internet”? As it happens 3 Prong do have some video clips on the internet but I didn’t direct him to them. I imagined a scenario where he got out his iPhone out (other phones are available) and started marking our material and then telling us we weren’t good enough to perform. So in the end we didn’t get to perform. I can’t help thinking it’s getting harder and harder, to do 5 mins of material.

And Finally… Also on last weeks blog post, I mentioned how 3 Prong Attack had put in for a competition, run by Samsung to be an olympic vlogger (video blogger), well you can view our entry here. Hope you enjoy!

Til next time, stay safe!                                                                                                                                                                                            @anunknowncomic


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