Detective Daniel

Hola. Hope you are well.

I was going to blog yesterday, Mon (my supposed day of posting these blogs) but I was a little under the weather and didn’t have the energy these blog posts require (haha). Due to my cold, I did go to bed early, 10:15 pm, and surprise surprise I felt fresher than normal this morning. Yet despite constantly thinking I should go to bed early on a school night, I very rarely get to bed before 11pm and if you were to ask me what I was doing from 10:30 onwards, it wouldn’t be anything of significance. It’s made me think that maybe I am an adult he would benefit from having a bedtime imposed on me by a responsible adult. Some pocket-money wouldn’t go amiss either. Feel free to let me know what time you go to bed.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster at the school I work at. Since January my work has involved me staying with my pupil during the start of lunch, which meant I got a free hot meal and a pudding with custard. This may sound sad but this is my one perk of the job (that and seeing the children happy and succeeding) but yesterday I was told the free dinners would be stopping. I was gutted, this would mean going back to making sandwiches and trying to come up with interesting combinations. However today I learnt the free meals for staff are back on, Woohoo! I really could do without such drama in my life. Feel free to let me know what the perks of your job are.

Also today I had to play detective, not a very good detective but detective all the same. This was because essentially I am an idiot and this came to the surface on Saturday when a friend of mine txted me about her birthday party this Friday, off her new number. I remember at the time thinking this is her new number I should save it. I was also going to txt her back but before I got round to this I went to the pub to watch the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Everton. After the match I needed a lie down, so went to bed and thought I will txt my friend back but before I did this my brain said “why don’t you delete some txts”. This was a little out of character as I usually wait til I have over a 100 txts in my inbox before I start deleting and on this occasion only had about 30. I think everyone reading this knows what happened next, I absent mindedly deleted her text. Which of course meant I didn’t have her number. I did txt her old number but guess what this bore no fruit. So today I was forced to ring the school my friend works at and had to explain my situation to the receptionist but my effort was rewarded as today we were reunited. I think you’ll agree it’s the feel good story of the year.

And Finally… I am announcing my retirement from the Grand National, betting in not participating. This is because one of the horses I had money on ‘According to Pete’ died at this year’s race. If this wasn’t bad enough one of the horses I had money on last year also died, so unless the people organising the race can assure the course is going to be safer for the horses, I’m not going to bet. Alternatively, I could contact all the race horse owners and tell them of my record and get them to pay me not to bet on their horses. It may be my best way of making money out of the race and technically it’s not blackmail. Well, I think it’s not blackmail.

Til next week, stay safe!

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