Different route, same destination

John Hegley

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve been working at the school I’m currently in since September and since then I have taken the same route to school. Yesterday (Mon), a mere 7 months into the job I decided I would take a slightly different route to school. Instead of walking of one way at a crossing, I’m going another route. If I’m being honest, it is a little bit quicker than the route I have been sticking to stubbornly since September. Don’t get me wrong it’s not significantly quicker, for me to think I have been wasting my life for the last 7 months but it is still quicker.

It’s also means that I get to see new sights, including a school called Julian’s Primary School. I can’t help thinking this will be a future photo opportunity, although I think I will wait til a weekend when there are no pupils around before I start getting my camera out. In this suspicious world people might not give me the chance to explain that my name is Julian, like the name of the school, before they lynch me as a perv.

In other news. On Friday I went out partying, it was arguably the closest I’ve come to clubbing in many a year. It had many aspects of clubbing, i.e a level of loud music that makes it almost impossible to hear what people are saying but not loud enough for you not to try to hold a conversation, it also had a dance floor. Talking of dancing, during the evening our party had a dance competition, which was won by yours truly. Admittedly most people refused to participate or in ‘Her With One Permanent Job’s’ case scarper to the bar, but the important thing is I won and deservedly so. I brought out some of my classic moves from my extensive repertoire, including stroking my eyebrow with my index finger (it probably needs to be seen) and even the lasso. Having long last been recognised for my dancing, I’m now thinking next stop football and then maybe comedy.

And Finally… I’m pleased to announce I will be compering a Comedy Poetry night called John Hegley and Some Other Poets. It’s at the Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, London. It’s on Fri 4th May. Time 8pm, Price £8. For more info.

Til next week, stay safe!

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