I’m Rich! (time rich)

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m blogging on a Tuesday as I had a 3 Prong Attack gig (my double act) last night. Slightly worryingly I didn’t realise I had the gig until Thursday when I happened to be flicking through my diary. And despite Prong 2 booking the gigs, he never seems to know where or when we are gigging, and yesterday was no difference. As we both had things we were doing over the weekend it meant we had no chance of meeting before Monday, so we decided to do something different for us and come up with a set on the train to the venue.

Our first hurdle was to make sure we got the same train. Prong 2 lives two stops further up the train line, so I got  the train and texted him that I was on my way. This kind of thing is probably a simple proposition for most normal grown adults but we are the 3 Prong Attack, so I’m used to things not working out as they should. As the train approached his station I genuinely felt nervous but then I spotted him and because this had worked out I felt more positive about the night as a whole, there’s a little glimpse into my psyche.

I think doing our sets on the day of the gig maybe a step in the right direction. In the past we’ve met a few days prior to a gig and worked out a set and then had to meet again on the day of the gig. Occupying two evenings for a 5 min set is probably not the best use of our time.

Talking of time, I can announce that I am currently Time Rich. A few weeks ago I blogged that I’d slightly changed the route I take to school and how this had shaved a few mins of my journey. I was having a conversation about this with a few colleagues at work and one of them said I should get on and off the station that is one down from the one I have been getting on and off at. So after 8 months of going to one station I tried this new route and the results are amazing. By using this new station it means I can get the early train after work, a train I would always miss (unless I busted a gut getting there) at the previous station. This means that I now get home at 4pm instead of 4:30. To me this is a big deal. However, I can’t stop thinking of all those many half hours I’ve missed out of in the previous 8 months. If I had had them I can’t help think poverty would have been sorted, injustices would have been righted (or more likely I would have spent the time on the internet).

And Finally… I can exclusively announce that this morning I finished reading Catch 22, it’s only taken about 3 months, but with no book on the go I have even more free time. In your face poverty!

Til next week, stay safe!


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