How I roll in London

Hola. Hope you are well.

On last week’s blog post I spoke about how I’ve found a new route to get to and from work each day. meaning I get home 30 mins earlier than previously. However, there is a slight problem (there’s always a slight problem), just before the train station is a zebra crossing and I’ve realised I’m a bit uncomfortable with them. I don’t mind if there are other people crossing at the same time as me, it’s just when the onus is on me to stop the traffic. I don’t like the responsibility or the focus being on me. I’m sure psychologist would have a field day with this info. Feel free to let me know what road safety features, intimidate you?

On Friday, I went to the theatre to watch King Lear in Belarusian. Yes, you read that right, King Lear in Belarusian, it’s how I roll since I’ve moved to London. I have to be honest, I struggle with Shakespeare when it’s in English, nevermind in a language I’ve never spoken but between a screen explaining what was going and the way the play was directed, I was able to get by. They’d also made it relatively short, which is always a good thing and for £5 (standing) it was well worth a visit.

Quite a few months a go, on this blog (too long ago for me to find) I gave readers the opportunity to grab some free CDs. These included albums by, Muse, The Streets, Frank Sinatra, Foals, and Plan B‘Her With One Permanent Job’s’ sister was in town this weekend and I allowed to take any of the CDs she fancied and now I can reveal all the CDs have gone as she took all 5.

As some of you know the double act I belong to, 3 Prong Attack are not only Kings of the airways (we are a radio show) and live performances, we also excel on video as well. Here are two short video’s (just over a min) we made recently.

Video 1

Video 2 

And Finally… Because I am a considerate man and because not everyone likes football, I decided I wouldn’t clog up the timeline of my initial Twitter page @anunknowncomic  with football speak , so I decided to create a new one dedicated to football. So if you like football, you like what I do and you like your entertainment in 140 characters or less click on @viewfromthetrev

Til next week, stay safe!

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