Easy Come, Easy Go

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m going to start this blog post by mentioning I have a rare Manchester gig, this Thurs 31st May. Here are the details:

On Thurs 31st May, I will be the special guest performer at Bang Said The Gun poetry night in Manchester. I will be doing 20 mins of my funny/silly poems. It takes place at The Old Nags Head, Jackson’s Row (off Deansgate) Manchester M2 5WD. It starts at 8pm and is £5 on the door, £3 NUS and with a flyer. If it’s anything like the London shows it’s bound to be a fun evening.

I am also on BBC Radio Manchester on Saturday 2nd June, on the Andy Crane Breakfast Show. You can get BBC Radio Manchester on 95:1FM (in Manchester) On Digital Radio, (in Manchester) and Online. I will be reviewing the newspapers, my bit will start after 7:30am.

Away from plugging my gigs, I’m going to take you back to the start of last week and show you how Boyfriend points can be easily won and easily lost. Last Monday evening whilst ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ was having a Skype meeting (look at her), I hung up her washing, as I didn’t have much to be getting on with. She seemed impressed that I had done this. A little too impressed, it was only a matter of getting the clothes out of the washing machine and hanging them on a maiden. So I was in her good books. However by Tuesday morning the good work had come undone and all because I left talkSPORT on a little bit past her natural tolerance threshold. It just goes to show a fool and his boyfriend points are easily parted.

On to job search. I was looking at a job last week and the salary was written as pro rata. This made me wonder, what is the point of pro rata? Why can’t the companies just tell you how much you will earn for the amount of hours they want you to work, instead of hinting at a higher salary only for you to take home a lesser amount. In many ways pro rata is the Wonderbra of the salary world.

Last week I mentioned how I set up a second Twitter feed dedicated to football @viewfromthetrev but I also have my other Twitter feed that complements this blog @anunknowncomic. Each Twitter feed follows the other, as you would, and despite me being the author of both I still get freaked out when I see one of my comments in the others timeline. If this isn’t bad enough, I have on a couple of occasions re-tweeted one of my football comments to the follows of my other twitter feed. I have to be honest, at first it did feel a bit weird, a little egotistical, and a little sad. I also imagine re-tweeting yourself is something that could break the internet.

And Finally… I went to see the Buzzcocks on Sat. I have to put my hands up and say I’m in no way a fan, but my friend was going and asked if I wanted to go. I did think it was clever of them to do an hour and a half of the same song plus the one song I know. Feel free to let me know when you tagged along to watch a band. Apart from the gig itself the only other thing to report, was that the bouncy squeezed my banana, and when I say banana, I mean a banana, I’m not using banana as code.

Til next week, stay safe!

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