Tennents in the Park

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve had an interesting week, mainly revolving around T in the Park. preparations for T began a few days before the festival, when ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ and I decided to try out our pop up tent in the living room. What we found out is we could get the tent up but we couldn’t get it back down. I did what I normally do in such a situation, I left it a few days and hoped that would sort out the problem. Surprisingly this approach didn’t work. After that I rang the helpline, I’m not sure the man, manning the phone was too happy to receive the call as he was “just putting his coat on to go home”. Firstly, if he didn’t want to take the call, he shouldn’t have taken the call and secondly, I can’t imagine the tent helpline is overly swamped with calls. One helpful tip he did give was that you need to force it, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Armed with this knowledge and the online video, I was able to get the tent down. I know this might be a little deal to most people but I can’t tell you how satisfied I was with my achievement.

So with the pop up tent unpopped, we were ready for our festival. Mentally, I was prepared for it to be terrible, weather wise, and I wasn’t disappointed on that score. Over the weekend, I got familiar with the different textures of mud, from the ultra thick mud to the really liquidy mud. But as I had prepared for it to be terrible and because it was, meant in reality it wasn’t too bad. And even the camping side of things wasn’t that bad, having said that after 3 nights, even London seemed appealing. I can’t help feeling if I were a fugitive and had to live rough in the woods, it wouldn’t be that long before I turned myself in. (Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this)

As for the bands we saw, it was a bit like a Manc Band Bingo as we saw, the Stone Roses, Noel Gallagher, Happy Mondays, New Order, and Elbow (technically from Bury). One thing I was impressed with was that despite the crowds enjoying the acts they weren’t nutters. Although, as is the way with outdoor music events, some people thought it would be a good idea to throw some of their unfinished pints into the crowd. I couldn’t help thinking, you wouldn’t do this if you were in the pub. If you’d reach the point where you didn’t want anymore of your drink, you might offer it to a friend or leave it for the bar staff, what you wouldn’t do is lob it across the pub.

Whilst we were at the festival, Andy Murray was playing the Wimbledon final and oddly in this era of technology, we found out the result when we saw it pinned up, outside a Tea shop. What does feel weird is that before we went away, the public seemed indifferent to him by the time we’d come back he’d become a national hero. And what had he done to achieve this? He’d fought a good fight, lost and then cried, the perfect combo for us Brits.

And Finally… what have I learnt from my time at T in the Park? Apart from reaffirming that Bez is the luckiest man in music, it’s that my bladder isn’t as good as it used to be.

Til next week, stay safe!

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