How do you break your leg running?

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m not too bad although I have come back from a pretty intense 5 days, doing my new job, the first bit involved me being responsible for young people during their residential. I wouldn’t say it was hard work, “It’s not like going down pit” but the hours were long. I had to wake the children up at 7am, make sure they’d eaten some breakfast and that they’d packed lunch and after a day of activities I had to supervise the cooking of the evening meal and then make sure they were in their own rooms by 10:45 and then stay up til midnight ensuring there were no incidents or people trying to leave their rooms. My role was essentially a mix between a Teaching Assistant and a parent, without the 16 yrs of them knowing you as their parent. My role continues in a slightly different capacity in the next few days and then I repeat the process with a different group in a couple of weeks. By the time I’m back at school in Sept, I might be the only person in education who will see it as a breeze. I say that, I give myself 2 days before I feel knackered.

Starting this job last Fri, meant that I missed the last couple of days of the Olympic games. It also meant I started the Olympics in Paris and ended it in Brighton, with women’s football in between. It’s lead to a slightly skewed view of the Olympics. I did get to see some of the closing ceremony, which did seem a little random. It was nice however of Liam Gallagher’s band Beady Eye to play their new single, ‘Wonderwall’ I believe it was called.

One of the more remarkable stories of the Olympics involved USA 4x400m relay runner Manteo Mitchell, who broke his leg 200m into his race and with another 200m to run continued because he didn’t want to let his team-mates down. What was more remarkable is that he did it in 46.10secs, which is better than what I can do with two functioning legs. It does beg the question, how do you break your leg running? I do think the Olympic committee should take advantage of this and start introducing races for people with broken legs. I’d definitely watch.

Away from the Olympics and I noticed that Ant and Dec were getting a bit of stick from people on Twitter (where else) because the new series of Red or Black is to be sponsored by The criticism being, with their astronomical interest repayments causes misery to many families. It did make me wonder how much money would have to be on offer before you allowed to sponsor what you do? And secondly, Red or Black is getting a second series!! It’s a show that is essentially a glorified Heads or Tails. I’m not having a go at ITV because it has its place but they have Red or Black and BBC 2 have University Challenge, spot the difference.

And Finally… In honour of Kevin Pietersen, who was dropped from the England cricket team for allegedly slagging off his team-mates, when has slagging off your colleagues backfired on you?

Til next time, stay safe!

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