Him with two temporary jobs

Hola. Hope you are well.

I sat down this morning to sketch out what I would write for this very blog post. I went to get my exercise book which I write down my comedy ideas. It wasn’t in my bag, which was weird as that’s where it normally is. Then I remembered that after work y’day we went for a meal and due in part to the buckle on my bag being broken some of the contents of my bag fell out under the table. I scooped up what I thought was everything, evidently  not, so this morning I rang the restaurant. Anyone who’s read this blog for any length of time will at this point realise that they didn’t have my exercise book, in fact they struggled with the concept of an exercise book. I don’t know why I bothered ringing up, I should have known it wasn’t going to be there. It’s quite annoying, firstly because it’s my fault, I should have checked that I’d picked up everything from under the table and secondly, because the notebook isn’t really any use to anyone other than me, so if someone found it, why wouldn’t they hand it in? Unless someone at the restaurant is keeping it for themselves, so if you see an Italian waiter doing material in my style, I instruct you to make a citizen’s arrest.

If losing my comedy notes wasn’t bad enough, I’m about to enter the worst period of my work life. Today is one of the two days I have off in September (the other being tomorrow), this is due to me working two jobs. I’m concluding my summer job, as well as  resuming my role as a TA (teaching assistant) in a school. This means I will be working in the school in the week and my other job at the weekends. If my life was a film, one, it would be a long film but secondly, Sept would be the pivotal point, where from this point forward my fortunes would change for the better. But as my life is not scripted by Hollywood writers, I imagine not much will change in October or November.

I say that but I do have an idea, to get out of my current situation and this involves …football kit men. I could expand on this but I think the tease is better than the actual story. If anything does come from this I will let you know.

And Finally… I thought I’d leave you on an up note (sort of) by posting three, 3 Prong Attack videos we did recently. They are v.short so won’t really eat into your time.

Here’s our tips on how to make it in radio (59 secs)

Here’s our thoughts on the return of Dallas (1m 10)

How to connect with 3 Prong Attack (24 secs)

I’m off to get a new bag and a new exercise book.

Til next week, stay safe!


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