Papa’s got a brand new bag

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve had a varied week. Yesterday (Sun) I ended up at the Banstead Village fete. I’ll be honest with you, before being sent to Banstead, I’d never heard of it but at least I now I know it’s in Surrey. I was there as part of my Summer job, (or is it now an Autumn Job?) I was supervising 10 young people I’d never seen before and in all likelihood will never see again.

To get to the fete I had to take a 30 min taxi ride, at the organisations expense. I’m not sure how much the fare was but I reckon the taxi company made more money from that journey, than I did from the day’s work. I can’t help thinking in terms of cost, it would have made more sense for them to send me home and get someone nearer to Banstead to do my shift. In many ways I’m more cost-effective when I’m home in bed than doing my job. I’m the equivalent of farmers who get paid, not to produce stock.

Also this past week I was described as “having no backbone”, ironically not directly by the person themself  but relayed to me by a third-party. So with this in mind, when was the last time you heard a negative thing said about you and what was it? Feel free to let me know via the comments button.

On Thursday I was at the Paralympic athletics. Prong 2 did say I should have competed, as I have no backbone. I’d told him abt the above comments, it wasn’t pure coincidence. The atmosphere was good at the stadium, especially when the British athletes won their events. I couldn’t help thinking that if I had 70 000 people cheering me on, whilst I was doing my job, it would spur me on to greater effort. To be fair I already give as close to 100% in every job I do. (You never know who is reading this blog)

On Friday, whilst watching the film ‘In Bruges’, the house opposite caught on fire. Thankfully no one was hurt and there didn’t seem to be much damage to the property, it probably helps that we live really near a fire station. One thing I will say about a fire is that it brings people together. Half the street came out to have a nose, not us though, we had In Bruges to finish.

Next week’s blog will take place on Tues as 3 Prong Attack are doing a comedy gig on Mon 17th at the Hope and Anchor, Highbury and Islington. 8pm £4 in.

And Finally… On last week’s blog post I mentioned how I was going to buy a new bag and as a man true to his word, I bought a new bag. One that could be best described as a brown ‘man bag’ or a lady’s brown hand bag. This bag is not without its teething problems as the bag is slightly less roomy as the previous one, so things don’t fit in as easily. And in addition to this, this bag has two poppers, whereas the previous bag had just the one. Meaning over the course of this bag’s life, I’m going to be spending twice as long opening and closing this bag over the last one? That’s time I could be spending more productively, or not.

Til next week, stay safe!


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