We’re all European today

Hola. Hope you are well.

I presume we are all golf fans today, especially if like me you’re European? I am of course referring to the Ryder Cup and Europe’s epic comeback to take the trophy out of the hands of the Americans. At one point I was following the game via Ian Wright and Robbie Fowler‘s Twitter feeds. It’s just how I roll.That and not having Sky.

One of the big talking points surrounded the fact that Europe’s top play Rory Mcllroy almost missed his game y’day as he set his alarm wrongly. He made it with 10 mins to spare but this made me think what has been the most important thing you’ve been late for? (Feel free to contact me via the comments button).

Whilst we’re talking golf, I think one problem with the game, is that the thing you hit the ball with is called a golf club but the place where you might sign up to play the game is also called a golf club. Surely someone should have foreseen this, there is no excuse for having the same term, for two different things within the one sport.

Talking of Twitter (see 1st paragraph), I was having a text conversation with a friend yday and she said I should be on Twitter, as I would get a following. I had to remind her that  not only am I on Twitter but that we follow each other. That’s the impact I have on Twitter. Plus I’ve yet to see this following. Should you wish to swell the number of Followers I’m at @unknowncomic.

My month of working 7 day weeks has officially ended, as my summer job finished y’day. After banging on about having to work two jobs during September and having no lie ins for a month, once it was all over, it was slightly underwhelming as after a day of sanding and painting railings (more the young people than me), we said our goodbyes and then my mind turned to, “how do I get home”?

Working a month without a lie in has neither been really hard, nor has it been easy, like a recovering alcoholic I’ve just taken it day by day. The stupid thing is the first day I should be having a lie in, this Sat, I’m booked in to do a 10K run, so not only will I have to get up early but I have to run just over 6 miles as well.

I say it’s my last day working for this organisation but in mid November they want me to work as part of their Big Sleep Out, as you might have guessed, it involves sleeping outdoors for a night. It’s to raise money and awareness for a homeless charity. I wouldn’t normally gravitate to this kind of thing, but how often are you going to experience what it is like to be homeless. Although having said that, our landlady has recently informed us that she wants to put our rent up by 13.3% so maybe this will be preparation for a future life.

And Finally… I may have been working two jobs, but one of my friends currently has 5 jobs. You wouldn’t have thought there is enough hours in the day to have so many jobs, but this is the case. So in honour of my friend, can you compete with 5 jobs?

Til next week, stay safe!

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