Twin perks

Hola. Hope you are well.

Last week was a slightly different blog post, what with it focussing solely on former paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile. (as he’s now known)

It’s not been a great time for charity, because not only has Savile, a man who’s helped raise millions for children’s charities been exposed as a serial sex offender but Lance Armstrong, who set up his own cancer charity, has been outed as a drugs cheat. Just today (Mon 22nd Oct) he was stripped of all 7 of his Tour de France victories and banned from cycling for life, although I doubt the latter will have much effect on Lance what with him having already retired from the sport. I’m now so sceptical about those who front charity campaigns that I seriously doubt Pudsey has anything wrong with his eye.

It’s a shame about Lance Armstrong, because he was the man who started the whole wearing of wristbands to support campaigns. For a period of time in the early noughties any issue could be solved by wearing a rubber wristband, whether it be racism or poverty. They were simpler times back then.

Now on to me. Being  a TA in schools I don’t get many perks of the job (ie added extras) but last week two of them were on show. Firstly, due to my working day finishing at 3:15 (out the gate 3:18) I was able to get back home  in time for the rearranged England v Poland match that kicked off at 4pm. This was the game that had to be postponed the previous day due to a waterlogged pitch, despite the stadium having a roof. And secondly, as the drama class I assist in were going to see the musical Blood Brothers, I was allowed to go along as staff, getting in for free. The third perk comes along next week as it’s half-term.

I’m sure other people have more glamorous perks to their job, ‘Her With One Permanent Job’, for example, not only gets free tea and coffee but has also been out to Peru and Kenya with work and Prong 2 (from the 3 Prong Attack radio show) can get free tickets to a specific theatre show (although not this weekend, when ‘HWOPJ’ wanted to take her colleague from Kenya). Feel free to let me know what the perks of your job are. You can contact me via the comments button.

And Finally… The other two notable things I did this week included buying a huge box of soap powder for £13:99 and writing to a MP about, it’s all part and parcel of being an unknown comedian.

Til next week, stay safe!


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