Who said romance was dead?

Hola. Hope you are well.

On last week’s blog, I mentioned how I’d been in Norwich doing a gig. Well, ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ has trumped me, as her work has taken her to Kenya. I sometimes wonder how our work lives are so different. However, a couple of weeks ago, I had an insight as to why this might be the case because after work one evening, she spent a couple of hours on the computer doing sensible things that might advance her career. After this she asked me, “If I needed the computer”, I did because whilst she was doing her work, I’d decided it would be a good idea for me to tweet Rod Stewart, about him crying at the end of a Celtic match. That’s why my day job takes me to a school in South West London, her job takes her to East Africa. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Also on last week’s blog, I mentioned how I cleaned ‘HWOPJ’s’ muddy boots and she said it was “the most romantic thing I’ve done”. This week before she went to Africa, I promised not to watch Peep Show, so we can watch it online together when she comes back. I think I am perfecting these small gestures, I’m not so good with the big ones, but small I’m mastering. Feel free to let me know the small thing you do for your other half, the smaller the better. (you can contact me via the comments button).

A few years ago on a weekend trip, I visited the graveside of Sylvia Plath, with ‘HWOPJ’ as it happens, (you’re probably thinking is there no end to his romantic nature) about year ago I went to an art exhibition celebrating Sylvia’s art work. From this you might think I’m a massive fan of her work, yet I’ve never read any of her poems and I’d never read her most famous work ‘The Bell Jar’ until last week when I started it.

On to some 3 Prong Attack news, here are 3 videos we made a couple of weeks ago. In true 3 Prong tradition we were forced to do the takes in between the drilling from my neighbour downstairs and in true 3 Prong tradition they are our take on the Jimmy Savile saga, just as everyone’s stopped talking about it. Anyway here are the results.

The biggest shock about the whole thing (42 secs)

It’s just a shame no one knew  (1min 6secs)

What does the ‘N’ stand for?

And Finally… I don’t normally do football on this blog, as I have a football blog for that kind of thing, but last week the Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo got sacked at 4 in the morning (if you believe the papers) so with that in mind, what’s the earliest in the day you’ve been sacked?

Til next week, stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Who said romance was dead?

  1. Not exactly sacked, but one time I did tell a manager exactly where he could shove his job at 2:15am. This wasn’t my best ever ‘well thought through’ plan of action as I worked 35 miles away and commuted! The taxi cost me around £150 at the time (just over a weeks wages then!)


    • Cheers for that Simon. It may not have been good for you at the time but it’s a great story now. It also makes me think, on next week’s blog I should ask what’s the most you’ve spent on a taxi fare. It’s the comment that keeps on giving.


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