Quacks need not comment

Hola. Hope you are well.

As this is the first blog post of the year I should also wish you all a Happy New Year! As tradition dictates, it also means I have to subject you to my annual joke, so here goes… With it being 2013, we are now only 7 years away from everyone have having perfect eyesight.  (No one need comment on this joke).

This year will also see changes to this blog. Firstly, I will not be restricting myself to blogging on a Monday, so I could blog on any day of the week (such as today a Thursday), I’m sure this randomness will add to the excitement these blog posts already provide.

In addition to this I may do a few blog post in a week, rather than just the one (I may of course not do any). This will also allow me to blog about different subjects and not just about things that happen to me. The world after all doesn’t revolve around me. Having said that I’m sure a vast number of blog post will no doubt be about me.

As if to prove this point, I feel I should mention the fact that I have a small lump on my left shoulder, it’s been there for a few weeks now, it doesn’t hurt and I’m not worried by it but just wanted to know if I’m going to die from this? (Quacks need not comment)

Til next time stay safe!


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