It’s complicated

Hola. Hope you are well.

Having watched Coronation Street in recent weeks it has struck me that Nick Tilsley should consider casting his romantic net a little wider. Firstly, he was all set to marry Leanne, his ex-wife. When that fell through he ended up in bed with Kylie, who just happens to be the wife of his brother David. Not forgetting that in the past he briefly had a fling with Becky, who is Kylie’s sister. I should also mention that before getting back together with Leanne, he was going out with Eva, who is Leanne’s half-sister. The only person in his immediate vicinity, he’s not tried it on with is Lewis, who is busy flirting with Gail, who is the daughter of Lewis’s previous lady friend, Audrey.

With Kevin also making a pass at Jenna, the same women his daughter Sophie fancies, it does make me wonder if the men on Coronation Street should venture a little further afield, at least see what the talent is like on Rosamund Street.

Til next time, stay safe!


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