What’s the secret of coaching?

Hola. Hope you are well.

Last week I was on half-term but instead of having a relaxing time I was on a football coaching course, which meant getting up earlier than I would for work, travelling further than I would for work and doing longer hours than I would at work. It was also a ball-ache getting to the venue. Of the 4 days, I tried 3 different ways to get there.

The first day, I took a route that was going to get me to the nearest station for 8:55, leaving me a mere 5 mins to get to the course. Naturally, my train was delayed and so on my first day I got there 10 mins late. I walked in as the class were introducing themselves and saying a little about themselves. After my turn the instructor said, “What is the most important thing about being a coach?” As I was trying to think of a suitable answer he said “Time-keeping”. That was me told.

After that I thought it would be better to try an alternative route the next day. This time I walked 15 mins to my train station and tapped in. I say it was my train station but as it happened the station I wanted was 50 metres further on. How was I to know there are 2 stations with all most identical names so close to each other. Things like this could confuse a simple man. Then when I got to my connecting station I had trouble working out how to get to the platform I needed. All this was up against the clock and I ended up having to make a mad dash to make the train. All this was too stressful, so I decided to do the exact same route the next day. My thinking being, as I know what platform I require it shouldn’t be as stressful, that wasn’t the way I felt as I was going up and down a lift trying to locate  platform 4.

The next day I decided to get a bus and then a train, which proved the most successful of the routes. It was just a shame that I’d only discovered this on the last day of the course. In many ways my literal journey over those 4 days mirrors the metaphorical journey that is my life. Although I may be reading too much into things.

In other news, I ended up going to a vegetarian restaurant (Her With One Permanent Job’s friend’s Bday). Now don’t get me wrong, I like vegetables and would encourage all people to eat them but whenever I have a vegetarian dish I always feel like it lacks something… mainly horse. (satire ladies and gentleman)

In all seriousness I did leave the restaurant wondering how vegetarian restaurants can charge the same as other restaurants when they lack a major ingredient in all their dishes.

And Finally… With Britain losing it’s triple A rating, experts have speculated how it will it affect us. With only a couple of days into these financially perilous times, I’ve already resorted to picking up vouchers in the street. It was a £2:72 off your next shop, voucher. Was I wrong to do this? Will I be sifting through bins come next week? Feel free to let me know your thoughts, via the comments button.

Til next time, stay safe!

Ps. I passed the football coaching course.


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