Catch 22

Hola. Hope are well.

We (Her With One Permanent Job and I) are currently without a boiler at our flat. I woke on Monday morning to find we had  no hot water and no heating. Ever since we’ve been trying to get an engineer out, which is not as easy as you would think. For starters you can only book a slot in the morning or the afternoon, (12-6pm). As we both work, neither was suitable but I can get back to the flat for 4pm (the perks of working in a school), so the landlady booked us in for an afternoon slot on the Tues.

I decided it would be wise to ring this particular british gas company and mention that no one would be at the property til 4pm. They said they would put a note on the system but that a note is not a guarantee they will come after4pm. So what time did they come on the Tuesday? 3:30. And guess what? No one was at the property.

So when I got home on Tues, I got back on the phone to this british gas company, explaining what had happened. They said they could book an engineer for the next day. They also explained once again that I can only book a slot in the morning or the afternoon and me explaining that no one will be in the property before 4pm. They did say they would put a note on the system but that a note is not a guarantee they will come after4pm. I did question the wisdom of this, as what happened earlier that day could well happen today (Wednesday). But the one thing I’ve learnt from all my years in showbiz, is to have faith. So it was no surprise that when I came home today, there was a card saying the engineer had come at 3:15. There was some hope though as the card did say if I contacted the Service Centre they ‘will be happy to make another appointment suitable for you.’ If of course suitable for you is a 6 hour window.

This now leaves us without a boiler and a freezer (another story). We appear to be going back in time. Before we know it, we will be washing clothes in a stream and digging a hole in the back garden, to use as a toilet. Not that it is our back garden and knowing the man who owns it, I don’t think he would take it very well if I defecated in his garden.

Til next week, stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Catch 22

  1. “Hope are well” ????

    WE are paying attention. You know that. These cuts are affecting your word allocation/quota I suppose.

    Catch 22 ? Tis certainly a Heller-va predicament you find yourself in ! (Butler arrives with coat)

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