A place called revenge

Cheryl's back tattoo

Cheryl’s back tattoo

Hola. Hope you are well.

After quite an introspective blog post, last time out, I’ve decided I would look at a few things that have made the news in recent weeks.

First up, Cheryl Cole’s new back tattoo (see pic above). In no way am I saying it is a mistake but in her life it’s probably up there with punching the toilet attendant and marrying a certain footballer. Feel free to let me know of your tattoo disasters. You can contact me via the comments button.

From Cheryl to the Italian elections (a natural segue), where people seem to find it absurd that a comedian Beppe Grillo, did so well. It’s a little hurtful, as in my opinion comedians are some of the sharpest people around. Plus is it really that bizarre that Italy could have a comedian forming a coalition government after all it’s not been that long since Berlesconi ran the country, all on his own. Plus, we in our country can’t really pass judgement as Nick Clegg is our deputy Prime Minister. I’d take a comedian every time.

On to America, where a homeless man‘s good deed in returning an engagement ring to its owner has been handsomely rewarded. So delighted by the return of the ring , the couple set up an online page so people could donate money for the homeless man. I’m not sure why it is up to people other than the couple to provide the reward but at the time of writing the figure was up to $175 000. This is what some would describe as an uplifting story, but uplifting stories are generally not that funny, so with this in mind, feel free to let me know when your good deed has gone unrewarded?

This next link I’m going to entitle, I must have been in the 6-10 slot.

This link I’m going to entitle, The women up North are a lot more friendly than those down South.

Now to prison and in particular Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce who were sentenced to 8 months inside, for swapping driving points. For me, she has to take most of the blame for them going to prison. The way I see it, if you are going to concoct such a plan you have to take it to the grave. Her revealing the swapping of the driving points was in no way motivated by a desire to tell the truth, it came from a place called revenge. Revenge for his infidelity, when they were married. What she hadn’t foreseen, is that by disclosing the plan, she was in fact implicating herself and now because of this she has time on her hands to contemplate the errors of her ways. With this in mind, when has your plan backfired, spectacularly?

And Finally… after my last blog post, I thought I’d update you on the boiler situation. You’ll all be relieved and pleased in equal measure to know the boiler is back on. Slightly embarrassingly after all the fuss (made by me) the engineer basically did the boiler equivalent of switching it off and then on again. How was I to know it would be as simple as that?

Til next time, stay safe!


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