Spare room bad, second home good

Hola. Hope you are well.

After the last blog being all about the manipulation of the numbers of sex crimes in Southwark, I wouldn’t want you to think that this blog has gone all serious  BUT….

The first topic I’m going to discuss concerns James Best who was imprisoned for theft during the London riots. The theft of a gingerbread man. That is correct, a gingerbread man. What makes this all the worse is that he had mental health issues and was also let down by the prison and emergency services when he suffered a heart attack and subsequently died. Whether he had mental health issues or not, you do have to wonder why we are locking up people for stealing gingerbread men. Or maybe the courts are sending out a strong message to those that might move on to other sugary snacks. It begs the question what would happen if you stole a jam donut? The Firing squad??

The next topic, involves the much talked about bedroom tax. This is where the government want to tax people who live in social housing and have a spare room. Yet in the budget, the very same government wanted to help people to buy a second home. A second home, not to help first time buyers but those who already have a home. This basically equates as ‘spare room bad, whole second home good’. I’m not sure if the government realise that a second home would in essence have several spare rooms.

The MP at the helm of these welfare reforms is Iain Duncan Smith. I can’t help thinking in these austere times, the man making all these cuts to people’s benefits, shouldn’t have 3 names. He needs to make sacrifices of his own, after all ‘we’re all in it together‘. So from today he needs to decide whether he’s going to be called Iain Duncan or Iain Smith. I would also tax him for that spare ‘i’ in Iain.

In less serious news, I recently watched the Hitchcock film Vertigo. I won’t spoil it for you if you’ve not seen it (it has been out since 1958) but in it, James Stewart’s character has to follow someone. This makes me ask, have you ever had to follow someone and why? Feel free to contact me via the comments button.

And Finally… for all those people who wondered what happened to 90’s beat combo Travis, they are soon to be headlining a festival in China. They weren’t supposed to be headlining but Kraftwerk who were supposed to be, weren’t allowed into China because in 1999 they were on the bill for a pro-Tibet independence concert. As it happened the event didn’t go ahead due to lightening, not that this makes a difference to the Chinese authorities. So step forward Travis, although they don’t seem to have the complete support of the organisers as illustrated in this quote,

      “I can’t say we are 100% confident with Travis as headliners. But it’s a fact we have to accept.”

Feel free to let me know when you’ve been made to feel less than welcome.

Til next time, stay safe!


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