Milk thief dies

Hola. Hope you are well.

There can’t be that many people who have walked this earth who have had others openly speculate how they would celebrate when they die. This week one such person, Mrs Thatcher, did pass away.

Her supporters seemed disappointed that her passing didn’t result in a shared grief. I’m sure if she had wanted this, she wouldn’t have been so divisive whilst she was alive. As for those supporters who have been dismayed by a lack of compassion from those who have taken joy from her death, should remember how much compassion she showed when she destroyed whole communities.

She may no longer be around but her legacy can be seen today, with this government choosing to target the poorest in society and trying to turn the poor working, against the poor who are not in work.

Her funeral takes place next Weds, where she will be cremated. If anyone at the crematorium should be reading this the melting point of iron is 1535.0 °C

Til next week, stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Milk thief dies

  1. Impressed at scientific research involved re iron. SHE was a science graduate . If only SHE was alive to appreciate the influence SHE has had on your work/studies. Seriously…..
    SHE was a bad person and you are right.

    • Google is a good ally for us scientists. I’m such a maverick I didn’t even double check the figures.
      What surprised me about the coverage of her death, especially on TV was how sugar-coated it was. This didn’t seem to represent what I was seeing on my Twitter timeline, or articles online. Here are some aticles I read, starting with Morrissey
      I thought Billy Bragg’s sentiments were good.
      And of course there was George Galloway, who was made for such occasions.

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