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Hola. Hope you are well.
I’m going to defend Justin Bieber. Don’t worry I’m not a Belieber but then I’m not a 6-year-old girl. Nor am I saying everything he has done is great. For example, I don’t think he should have made his British fans wait for over 2 hours, especially as most of them get craggy when they’re up beyond their bedtime.
But I do think he has been unfairly criticised for writing in the Anne Frank museum comments book, that if she were alive today he hoped she would  be a fan of his. Instead of having a go at him, I say well done on him for going to the museum in the first place. There are after all, other things to distract a 19-year-old boy in Amsterdam (so I’ve been told).
And if we are going to start reading out what Justin writes in a museum’s visitors book, we should start doing it with anyone who leaves a message in any visitors book. Feel free to let me know what you’ve written a visitors book, the more inane the better. You can contact me via the comments button.
As to whether Anne Frank would have been a fan of this blog, I’m under no illusions that she would have read this blog, nor know who I was. To be fair to her, my friends and family don’t read this blog, so I can’t see why a girl hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam would.
Til next time, stay safe!
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