Good bank Bad bank

Hola. Hope you are well.

On my last blog post I mentioned the walking trip me and my friends had been on. Well that was in the day, in the evening of the same day I went to a the wedding reception of one of ‘Her With One Permanent Job’. I know, I do have a lot of energy for a man in his mid to late thirties. Fuelled by this energy and maybe some drinks, I even managed to bust some shapes on the dance floor. All a bit of fun I thought. That was until at the end of the night, one of ‘HWOPJ’s relatives (one the fam they don’t see much) said to her, “How have you ended up with an African with no rhythm?” Maybe it’s my sensibilities but what I most object from that statement is that I’m not a good dancer. I’ve won a dancing competition, don’t you know?

Talking of weddings I mentioned in passing to ‘HWOPJ’ that Jeremy Forrest wants to marry the school girl he abducted and ran off to France with once he gets out of prison. Her response was, “Even they’re getting married”. So in this whole story, it turns out I’m the bad guy. Typical!

In financial news, there are plans to split RBS into a good bank and a bad bank. I know which one I’d be more likely to put my money into.

And Finally… the new fad diet is the 5:2 diet. It’s when in a week, you eat normally for 5 days and then have 2 days when you starve yourself (I am paraphrasing). This did make me think, could this be adapted to other parts of our lives and then I thought work. So from now on I’m going to work 5 days and then have 2 days off. I wonder if it will catch on.

Til next time, stay safe!



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