How many fish in a think tank?

Hola. Hope you are well.

As some of you may know, as well as being an unknown comedian, I also work in a school as a teaching assistant.

The child I work with has just started their GCSEs. GCSEs however have just been restructured, with pupils now taking exams at the end of the course, as opposed to the modular system which has been in place in recent years.

Under the modular system pupils would cover a certain part of the syllabus and then be tested on it, so would be continually assessed during their 2 years of GCSEs.

There are arguments for and against both systems but it does make me wonder how soon a political think tank will say this current exam based system is unfair and puts too much pressure on pupils to perform for a one-off exam and call for a system that more truly reflects a student’s ability over the 2 years.

Answers on a postcard! (please show your workings)

Til next time stay, safe!



2 thoughts on “How many fish in a think tank?

  1. All this stuff is cyclical. Sometimes modular is the in-thing, sometimes exams are en vogue. It depends how many kids the government want to pass or fail respectively. Cf. government wanting people to claim sickness benefits (1980s) and trying to get the ‘scroungers’ off it (now). But maybe you should be questioning the system altogether. Formal education (from the bottom to the top) is just programming people to be compliant robots.

    • Cheers for your comments, tis always good to read your views. I think education is one of those areas where politicians like meddling because if they say to the voters, would you like your child to have a better education, everyone’s going to say yes, without knowing how.

      I don’t know what your schooling was like but you are someone who is individual and has a mind of her own, quite the opposite to a compliant robot.

      Keep commenting!

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