The economic recovery

Hola. Hope you are well.

I was reading a football article about Newcastle FC and within the article it mentioned that in Newcastle there’s joblessness of 10.5%, youth unemployment close to 25%; 30% of Newcastle children in poverty – and 22,000 people last year seeking advice to cope with debt.

Over the summer one of the big topics was zero hour contracts and how as many as 5.5m employees may be on these contracts. At their worse these contracts tie the employers to a company whilst offering no guarantee of work.

Then there’s the fact that the number of people reliant on food banks has risen by as much as 21%.

Throw in the fact that families living in B&B’s is at its highest for 10yrs, due to the number of families who have lost their homes

Or that Wonga a business that succeeds on the back of people’s financial troubles saw their profits increase by 35% to £84.5m.

So with all this, when I hear people talk about the economic recovery, I don’t buy it but then again I can’t afford to.

Til next time, stay safe!



2 thoughts on “The economic recovery

  1. Good work Mr Daniel.

    “You’re in debt for LONGA with WONGA ” isn’t their sLOGAN, but if a well-known beer company did do slogans etc .

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