What does the ‘P’ stand for?

Hola. Hope you are well.

I have a dilemma, not a proper dilemma but a dilemma all the same. ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ is no more. Don’t worry I’ve not traded her in for a younger model, that’s happens when the fame comes. Naturally I’m only joking.

Originally ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ was known as ‘Her With Four Jobs’, that’s when she had 4 jobs, then she got a permanent job, hence her being known as ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ (HWOPJ) for the last couple of years.

Her status at work has recently changed as she has returned to the world of academia, so has gone part-time at work. This is where I have the problem, because the world now knows her as ‘HWOPJ’ and I’m loathe to change this acronym. I’m now thinking the ‘P’ should remain and stand for part-time.

I maybe over thinking things, but my success has been built on taking care of the fine details.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts, should I stick with HWOPJ, or go with something new? You can contact me via the comments button.

Til next time, stay safe!



2 thoughts on “What does the ‘P’ stand for?

  1. Could the job be described as Peripatetic? Does it need to change at all? Is the job part time but still permanent? HWOOMTOPJ (Her With One Or More Temporary Or Permanent Jobs) seems a little over the top…

    Take Care,


    • Hi Simon. Thanks for getting involved in the debate that is sweeping the nation. I’m liking your use of the word peripatetic, I must admit I had to look up the meaning. Although her role has involved some travel, there’s not been loads. The poet in me wants to say we are all on a journey.

      The job is still permanent, this question did cross my mind as I was writing the blog but although it is permanent it feels (to me) a little less permanent due to her reduction of hours.

      I quite like the look of the acronym HWOOMTOP but it maybe a little long for people to follow. So after all this I’m going to stick with ‘HWOPJ’ but the P is going to stand for Part-time.

      Hope things are good with you.


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